I have found a place where there is no pain, suffering, anger, or despair. Where the soil meets the sand is where I call home. A slip beneath the earth into the wonderous ocean below, I have found a place where there are no wars of words. Open your eyes, and shut your mouths. The beauty is astounding, and the peace will take your breath away.

July 20th

By the time this story is over, you will die. Don’t fear the end because the middle is going to drive you completely mad.

A.J. Luna

Update: I am slacking hard right now. I have been so busy trying to get through life that writing has taken a backburner. St. Cloud is ready to go to publish, and now it’s time to complete my book of short horror stories. I am going to do a Novella August, or try to. Write a complete book in one month. It’s a goal that can be done, but my mind and fingers need to get together and play nice. Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and let some know I am not dead LOL

Calling in a favor

“You stupid son of a bitch, learn how to drive,” she screamed as her arm waved out the car window in a New York hello. A small-town girl living in a big city, there was a lot to learn about driving. “You’re not in Kansas anymore, kid,” she added. Talking to herself as she drove was something new. New York wasn’t home, and life moved far too fast for her liking. As the young girl passed the car in question, she looked over, horrified at who she had yelled at a few minutes ago. In the front seat of the old black car sat a Priest. Not a Minister, but a full-fledged, I am telling God on you, Priest. 

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