Sunday session with Evil

Warning: The writing inside contains material that might be sensitive to some. Hardcore sex and blasphemy inside.

Since the beginning of time, the fight between good and evil has been prevalent in the Catholic church. Most of it swept under the rug, well, until recent years. With the uncovering of molestations, the entire religion took a brutal hit from the believers and the non-believers—most of them taking a step back until the world moved on to its next conflict. The Catholic church is now under investigation for the sexual contact between Priests and young male parishioners. At Sacred Heart, that is only the tip of the iceberg where the abuse begins and ends. Vanessa knew the moment she walked into the small chapel where the Nuns prayed that she was in for the fight of her life. Someone opened the doors for the Devil and offered up a soul to take. A young Nun in exchange for a large amount of cash. What is one life when you have twenty more waiting to take her place? 

As she entered the small foyer, the first thing Vanessa noticed was the strong scent of smoke. Not incense, but cigar smoke. It was pungent and burned her nose the moment she shut the oversized wooden door. There is no smoking allowed on the church grounds, and this was a place not accessible to anyone but the church staff. Heaven forbid, a Priest was not polluting himself with something as vile as smoking a cigar. 

“Hello?” she called out. The doors to the main chapel opened only a crack. “You can’t smoke in here? It’s a church,” Vanessa added. As she stood frozen in place, the sound of a male clearing his throat came from the other side of the door. There was someone in there. 

“Come in here, Sister,” the voice called out. 

Vanessa stood for a moment. She knew the moment she opened the door, she would come face to face with the evilest being. Were the bowels of hell on the other side of the door and the scent she smelled flesh burning from the souls he stole? Or had someone made their way off the streets and ended up in the chapel. Was the voice the fear that she felt rushing through her veins, or was the male a temptation she could never resist? To be lured to the other side of the wall is a test of faith and willpower. At 18, Vanessa was weak in both areas. 

“Sister, you will do as I say,” he called out again. A soft tap of fingertips on the polished wood inside the chapel echoed out into the front of the building. The man is losing patience, and though unknown to the young Nun, that is the last thing she wants to happen. An idle mind is the Devil’s playground, and though this man lives on the topside of the earth, his connections to hell run deep. 

Vanessa slowly advanced, the tips of her fingers tapping the doorknob. It’s something you do when you fear fire on the other side of the wall. Noticing it was cool, she slipped inside the room, not bothering to open the door any farther. Her petite frame allowed her to glide in without effort. It took a minute for her eyes to adjust to the change in light, but when they did, she noticed the man sitting at the front of the church, a billow of smoke rising from his lips. He sat there like a King without a crown. 

“You can’t smoke in here. The Mother Superior strictly forbids anyone other than members of the church in the portion of the grounds. I can show you to the other church if you wish,” she spoke in a meek voice. 

A loud burst of laughter radiated from the front of the church as the male ashed his cigar on the carpet of the old building. His eyes never diverted from the young Nun who graced him with her presence. He knew she was attractive, but this girl had the face of an angel, and he was sure that under that bullshit the church forced her to wear, she was exquisite. He could almost taste the honey that poured from her core. 

“I can assure you that your Mother Superior has no reason to punish me for smoking here. She’s busy sucking the dick of the Bishop right now, so let’s leave her be, okay?” said the male. As he lifted his cigar to his lips again, she noticed the ring on his finger. Unable to make it out, Vanessa knew that was something special. Maybe this man was not the Devil after all, but then again, was he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? “Come forward and pray for me, sister. I am a sinner, and you need to ask God to forgive me for my indiscretions,” he laughed. Snapping his fingers to get her attention, he pointed to the ground in front of him when he had it. 

“Down on your knees. You will take communion from me today,” he smirked.

Vanessa shook her head back and forth, her knees trembling as she advanced, “Please don’t ask this of me. I can’t do this.” 

Sitting up, he pulled his zipper down, removing his flaccid cock from his pants, “Get on your fucking knees before I rip the back of your throat out with the head of my dick!”

Tears pouring down her cheeks, Vanessa advanced to kneel between the legs of the man, her eyes on his cock. She knew that he intended to hurt her, and she feared the pain that came from within his soul. As Vanessa wrapped her hand tight with the rosary, the young Nun moved in, her tongue slithering up the thick underbelly of his massive member. If he was this large at a soft stage, she knew when his erection raged on that she would taste blood in her mouth. Nothing about this man hinted at being loving and sensual. 

Using the hand that held the cigar, he wrapped his hand in the back of her veil. He slowly pushed her mouth down on his dick, not stopping until her warm oral cavity fully engulfed the semi-hard member. A soft growl and his hips pushed up to force the young Nun to whimper for air. “Suck my cock, you fucking whore. Suck my dick for Jesus,” he laughed, Releasing his hand only to ash the cigar in the middle of her back. His hand quickly went back to the veil she wore, holding it tight as his balls smacked her chin. 

Gargles of saliva in her throat, Vanessa felt the tears pouring down her cheeks. She was gagging and choking when his cock reached the full erection, suddenly tasting the copper as it poured down her throat. He had no mercy on the young girl. As her nostrils flared, she fought for each breath she took, not knowing if that would be her last. 

Grunting with every thrust, the male pulled back, leaning down to spit on her saliva-covered face. “In the name of God, forgive this little fucking slut for taking the seed of someone other than her husband,” he growled, pushing her head back down in his dick. Three more thrusts and the cum spilled from the head of his dick, ropes of heat flooding her throat. He would not stop until his balls once again sagged with relief. 

Pouring from her mouth and nose, the semen of from man stained Vanessa with unbearable heat. Falling back, the young Nun lay on the chapel floor, her eyes fixed at dilated on the stained glass of the ceiling. 

The male stood and pushed his cock back into the confines of his tailored slack. As he hovered over the young Nun, he pinched the cigar to collect up some of the ash with one finger. Leaning down, he placed the cross on her head with the soot, smirking, “I’ll make my donation on the way out. It was a good prayer session, Sister.”

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