New Book

As scary as it sounds, I have an idea. I will be putting together a erotic based book of short stories. If this goes over well, I want to do one of short horror stories. I find as indie writers, it’s hard to get our work out there and seen like it should be. Let’s face it, it’s expensive to get a book seen by the public and we all need to pull together and help.

I will have more details coming soon, but if anyone is interested, let me know. I will make sure that every author is give proper credit for his or her work.

Thank you, AJ Luna

Never lose your imagination

The Owl

She’s escaped again. That silly girl will never learn. She is always lost inside of her mind. The tiniest of changes can send her running down that stupid hole again. Well, it’s not a real destination, but the one she travels to within her own mind. A change in the weather, a spoon out of place, or even a pesky little gnat wiggling on her nose will force that girl to seek the solace of the unknown.

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Writing Tools

I found a few tools recently that have helped me a lot when working on my blogging and books. I couldn’t wait to share them with other writers. Most are free, or pretty cheap for the quality of the service you’ll get.

LivingWriter Start your book, plot your book, write your book, organize your book, and export it for publishing all in one place. (I personally LOVE this. I have 6 books going in there right now. It’s so easy to use and keeps me on point)

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Fanfic guide to smut writing

I will add more as I find them, but let me know if you’ve used these, and if you enjoy them as much as I do.