Phone Sex Escape -35-

Writer’s note: I am counting on about 3 to 4 more and this book is done. After that it will all be removed from the site, edited, and put on Amazon. I know it needs a lot of editing, but I am very proud of it so far. After this is completed, I will try and reformat and give this blog some structure. I know I have put up a lot of creative writing without balance, but I am going to work on making it all easier to follow and read. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you, and enjoy the piece.

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Never lose your imagination

The Owl

She’s escaped again. That silly girl will never learn. She is always lost inside of her mind. The tiniest of changes can send her running down that stupid hole again. Well, it’s not a real destination, but the one she travels to within her own mind. A change in the weather, a spoon out of place, or even a pesky little gnat wiggling on her nose will force that girl to seek the solace of the unknown.

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Phone Sex Escape -34-


As I closed the hotel room door, it isn’t much, but it will do for the night. At least I can work from here and make some extra money to get me to California quicker. My greyhound leaves in the morning, and the station is right across the street. I don’t know what I will be doing there, but anything is better than what I had. I can never go back to Johnathan, not now, not ever. When taking public transportation is this much of a joy, I know I will never submit my life to anyone again. If only I weren’t alone, it would be so much better. In all honesty, I wish I could take Maria with me. I feel the need to save her from the life that I know she will endure with me gone. 

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Writing Tools

I found a few tools recently that have helped me a lot when working on my blogging and books. I couldn’t wait to share them with other writers. Most are free, or pretty cheap for the quality of the service you’ll get.

LivingWriter Start your book, plot your book, write your book, organize your book, and export it for publishing all in one place. (I personally LOVE this. I have 6 books going in there right now. It’s so easy to use and keeps me on point)

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Fanfic guide to smut writing

I will add more as I find them, but let me know if you’ve used these, and if you enjoy them as much as I do.

Phone Sex Escape -33-

Alone in my office, the best news anyone could receive came the moment I did. With Jamison on her knees begging for air, I felt the weight of the world lifting from my shoulders. Over and over, her little cheeks puffed out, her eyes pouring tears. There is no winning if you quit early. I will keep reminding her of that every time she tells me she’s had enough. Nothing is more of a turn-on than a girl who tells me that they can’t take it anymore. My cock seems to get twice as hard and demanding the more they muffle their cries. Jamison will soon learn that with Haven gone, she will need to pick up the pace and satisfy all of my wants and needs.

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Phone Sex Escape -32-

I sat in the kitchen, my phone on the table and the house more silent than ever before. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad at this point. No calls from the investigator, and Thomas is blowing up my phone with his every 15-minute demands that his daughter comes home. If I knew how to find the whore, she would get beaten a lifetime and locked in the bedroom for the next nine months. Another vibration of the phone, another phone call with Thomas. 

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Phone Sex Escape -31-

A hot shower is long overdue. After the crap that Haven pulled today, she is lucky I don’t leave her there all night like that. As I stand in the hot stream of water, the only thing on my mind is that in a week or two, when the pregnancy test comes back as positive, I get everything. Smirking, my hands covering my face with soap, I can’t help but smile because that DNA test will bust her for cheating. Everything will be too late then. Thomas will already have retired, and I will be the sole CEO of the company.

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