Wearing his collar

With the delicate pearls placed around my neck, I shiver when the ivory beads touch my sensitive flesh. I’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime to become the property of my Master, and tonight, I am. I’ve never before been comfortable around a crowd of people, but today, I stand tall in these heels—a hand on the middle of my back, his strong hand brushing over my tiny waist. Can he feel the small bumps rising on my skin? Even a blind man who only reads braille would know that I am more excited than ever before. 

He leaned over, his breath caressing the lobe of her ear. Promises whispered. His hand went tighter around her waist, leading her back to the table. “We must retire for the evening, but I want to thank you all for being here tonight,” he said, bidding the table goodnight. 

I am trembling as they all exchange formalities, but I notice Raven from the corner of my eye. The ravishing redhead could stop a conversation by walking into the room, but she stops my heart just being present. Though the marks no longer cover my body, my soul will forever remember the beating I received because of this woman. I can’t help but believe she planned the punishment when she asked to spend her time with me. No one could ever make me feel as though she is not a jealous woman filled with venomous spite for me. I have the one thing she wants. Master. 

Slowly escorted to the elevator, the hotel makes you stop and take in the artistry of the designers. Double marble stairs covered in a rich shade of red carpet, I have chills deepening with each step we take. The walls are painted in the softest shade of ivory. The same marble floor is inlaid in delicate strips to break up the structure of the room. Part of me feels like Pretty Woman, well, without the whore part. I am not oblivious to the fact that I am only skin for him to destroy. Master made it known from day one that I will never be more than the woman who grovels at his feet. 

“Step to the back, Kitten. Have you ever ridden in a glass elevator?” he asked. 

With a quick shake of my head, one single strand of hair fell in response, “Never. Wow, you can see the city, right?”

As the doors closed, they are the only two in the elevator. Walking up behind her, his hands both resting above her head on the pane of glass. Groin to ass, his body, is pressing hard to push her flush with the window. “Do you know what I want from you right now?” he asked. 

My breathing quickened as I nodded. I knew, but then again, I didn’t. Master can be a complicated man, and he might want something oblivious to me. “Yes, I know what you want,” whispering, my throat going dry. 

“Tell me,” he said. One hand sliding down the glass, he reached over and pushed the stop button on the elevator. Moving back, his hand almost in a slow-motion shifted to the hem of her gown, slowly pulling the silk fabric to the side. He exposed the pussy he owned to the world, not ashamed of his actions. He never felt guilt for what he did. 

“You want to fuck me?” I said, whispering, my lips pressed against the world below. 

“In a way,” he laughed. His fingers moved up and down her smooth lips, smacking the mound to entice her legs to widen. “I want to show the world what I own. What they can never touch,” he growled.

My lip quivered, nodding, a sudden rush of cool airbrushing in feather strokes over my skin. God, he is making me increasingly carnivorous for his touch. Moaning slightly, I want to close my eyes but can’t. Knowing that everyone who gazes up at the stuck elevator is watching my pussy exposed to the world intoxicates me. 

“Only you can touch me for as long as you choose,” breathless, I whisper. 

He used his index finger to part the lips, slowly moving up and down the slit, juices spilling with each stroke. “Hold your breath, Kitten,” he said. 

My body shook. I wanted to cry from the intense emotions that cascaded through my body. I wasn’t allowed the champagne tonight, but yet, I am drunk. My breathing stopped the moment he asked.

“Good girl,” he said. Without warning, two fingers pushed into her wet velvet walls, holding them in a clutch similar to a vice. “Stop tensing up. Save that for when I’m in your pussy,” he growled. 

It’s hard not to be scared. A few people below began to point up at us, their hands covering their faces. “Yes, Sir,” I quietly replied. 

His fingers gliding in and out, the juices forced to drip down her legs in a steady stream of lust. If she puddled the floor, she would clean it before exiting. He twisted inside of her, his two fingers quickly becoming three, and his thumb pressed hard to her clit. 

“Are you a good little whore for me, Kitten? Do you want me to fuck you tonight,” he grunted. With each word he spoke, the fingers went from sex toys to weapons of pain. His thrust so deep he touched her core, smirking as he did.  “Look at me when you cum,” he demanded.

I might die, I swear it. The orgasm is so intense that my nails dug into the windowpane. The more his hand worked inside, I sprayed the glass with my juices as they escaped. “Oh fuck,” I screamed. The moment I did, I knew what I did was horrible. 

As he yanked his hand back, the wet fingers met her mouth with a numbing smack. “A lady never uses that language in public. Get on your knees and clean the glass,” he roared. 

My mouth filling with blood, I dropped down to lick the sins from the glass. Instead of cleaning the pane, my blood left in its place. It was then that the door opened, and another couple stepped on. 

“Oh my,” the woman gasped.

“Shhh, let the woman work,” her husband uttered. 

“Please excuse this foul-mouthed whore. Nice evening, isn’t it?” Master asked, leaning back against the wall as the elevator jolted into working order.

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