Naughty tale from the convent

Vanessa was in a state of adulterated shock. Not only did the young novitiate masturbate, but she took her first communion by being bathed in the cum of the Priests. Her body frozen in time, Vanessa didn’t hear the soft footsteps behind her, but she did feel a feminine hand brush through her hair. Knowing immediately who it was, she trembled slightly, fearing that she would face another round of punishment. 

“Sister, do you now understand the rules? Were you told the moment you took possession of your new role that we never allow masturbation? It is a sin and a waste,” Mother Superior said. As the older woman brushed her fingers through Vanessa’s hair, she took a single strand to wrap around her finger. Giving the hair a gentle tug will be the only reminder on this subject. Mommy Dearest has nothing on Mother Superior. 

“I’m sorry. I know that I broke the rule, but I was weak, and the Devil commanded me to touch myself,” Vanessa confessed. 

“Satan has many forms of temptation, but if you are to survive here, you must fight them. Tonight was a glimpse of the damage that you can cause. Do not invite the beast back into the home of the Lord. Do you understand me?” Mother asked. 

With a simple nod given, Vanessa understood that she would no longer dip into the waters of the Devil. If it was a sin to satisfy the needs of your body, why was it not a sin for the Priest to jack their cocks all over her face? She would not ask, but it lingered in her mind as she picked herself from the floor. “I will clean this floor and then shower,” she whispered. 

As Vanessa collected cleaning supplies, she stopped for a minute to listen to voices down the chapel corridor. 

“Keep her a virgin as long as possible. The more who see her, the higher the donation to the church,” said the male voice. 

“I will try, but the child is discovering her body on her own. I caught her tonight touching her pussy,” Mother Superior responded. 

A grunt from the male, Vanessa could tell he was upset. What did they expect of her? First, her pussy is touched for the first time by a doctor. After that Mother Superior came in her mouth, and well then the Priests covered her with their seed. She might be a nun, but she was still a human being with hormones. 

“Take her to the baptismal pool when she finishes cleaning. I will cleanse her, and then she will sleep in the room with you at all times,” he said. 

“My room? Why would I allow that nosy little girl in my room? I have needs as well,” growled the older woman. 

The last thing Vanessa heard was a slap to the skin, a whimper, and Mother Superior apologizing for her actions. Taking the cleaning supplies and retreating to the chapel to clean, she didn’t look up when the good Mother joined her. 

“When done, strip off your clothes and join me in the baptismal pool. Father will cleanse, and your room will now be with me,” she said, walking away in a huff. 

Vanessa’s eyes widened. All she had on was the robe she wore to the chapel earlier. It would be the second time tonight she removed that soft terry robe. Dropping the clothing to the ground, the young Nun turned, walking to the chapel’s smaller room. The church does total submersion baptisms, but usually, you wear a sheer white gown. The moment Vanessa walked into the room, she found the old Priest fully naked in the water. 

“Oh dear Lord,” she whimpered, her hand covering her mouth in shame. There are some people in this world that you should never see naked. She knew that the good old Priest was one of them. 

“Come, my child. Join me in the holy waters,” whispered the Priest. “Mother Superior, please join young Vanessa in the pool,” he added. 

Both young and old Nun walked up the three steps, stepping into the calm waters of the baptismal pool. Vanessa was shivering the moment she submerged herself in the holy bath. 

Father Johnathan held out his hands. One for each girl to accept. As they both walked forward, they knew to kneel before the holy man. As they knelt, he pushed his cock between the two, guiding their heads forward with the palm of his hands. “Take me in your mouths and take the blessings that the Lord has provided for you both,” he whispered. 

“Yes, Father,” both women said in unison. They each took one side of the Father’s cock with open mouths, their tongues bathing the shaft in their saliva. 

Moaning, Vanessa rolled her tongue up one side, meeting Mother Superior at the tip, both women flicking the pointed tips around the slit of his cock. Saliva poured from their mouths, floating in the blessed waters. 

Panting, the good Father looked to the elder Nun, nodding for her to push Vanessa down on his cock, her throat taking the brunt of the depth. Gasping for air, Vanessa felt the first tears run down her cheeks. 

“Take it, sister. You must take the blessing of Jesus down your throat. It will bless you after the sins of defiling yourself tonight,” Mother said. 

Vanessa cried as she swallowed the cock, her throat stretching to take more inside. She wondered if she’s wrong for touching herself. Why were the Priests from earlier not punished for soiling her face? Vanessa learned the hard way there is a hierarchy in the church, and she is at the bottom of the pool when it comes to having rights. 

“All of it, Sister,” Father Johnathan said. “Do you take communion tonight?” he asked. 

Gurgling, her head nodded back and forth as a warm flow of semen poured down the back of her throat. His cock spasmed, flooding the teen with an enormous amount of hot, creamy liquid. 

“Do not spill it. Not a drop,” Mother Superior warned. 

Guzzling cum, sister Vanessa swallowed as the elder Nun used her hand to pump the girl’s throat, feeding her the offering. Mother Superior milked the Father into Vanessa’s throat until his balls hung empty and low. 

As his fingers clutched the side of the pool, the older male cleared his throat, his voice husky, “Do you repent for your earlier actions? Do you want forgiveness?” he added. 

As she pulled back, a thin line of saliva still connected them as one, “I do. Please, Father, I am guilty of sin and want the blessings of the Lord to cleanse my soul.”

The older Priest nodded, a smile creasing his lips, “So be it. Return to your room and do not repeat the actions.” 

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