A taste of filth

Beware, Blasphemy and adult content

Alone in her room, Vanessa pushed her body back against the wall. Her lips still covered in the cream of the elder Nun. Tonight, everything changed. Mother Superior came in her mouth and screamed out obscenities that only compare to a whore in heat. Whatever happened back in the room awakened a part of Vanessa that she never knew possible. The sexual side of a repressed young girl. Most by the age of 18 have kissed a boy, but Vanessa never knew that pleasure. 

“Go ahead, do it,” a little voice called out. 

Scared, she looked around, knowing there was no one in the room but her. Was this the Devil directing her to touch herself, or was she losing her mind? 

It was the camera that Vanessa forgot about when she pushed herself down in the bed, pulling the covers up, hiding her sins. A slip of hands beneath the blanket, the tips of her fingers playing with her nipples through her shirt. The tiny buds fully erect, the young girl did the unthinkable. Latching her fingers around her nipples, she squeezed, tugging them until they snapped back, causing a burning sensation in her chest. 

“Oh God,” she whispered. It was the first time that she felt something that intense rush through her tiny core. Every nerve ending tingled with excitement, forcing her to slip her hand lower. 

“Masturbation is a sin. We don’t waste the seed,” the girl’s statement playing over in her head. 

Vanessa looked around the room before slipping her hand into her panties, her fingers grazing over the tiny puff of public hair. She was a Nun, and a Nun does not shave. Well, that was she thought. Her heart beating rapidly, the slit only about an inch or two in length, Vanessa brushed her fingers over the outer lips. It was what was inside that she feared the most. A place where she knew the carnal pleasure could drive a young girl insane with lust. One time couldn’t hurt, or could it? Vanessa parted her lips, using her index finger to swipe up the center of the panty candy. She was wet already. 

“Oh fuck,” growling, her free hand covering her mouth. What in heavens name was she doing? As she slid up and down over her swollen bundle of nerves, the tiny pink entrance leaked juices down the crack of her ass—trickles of lust staining her sheets below. Without thinking, her hips rose and fell, causing her bed to squeak beneath her. It was then that she remembered the camera, but Vanessa was too far gone to stop. 

“Oh my Lord, please help me, Jesus,” crying out as the rapture coursed through her veins. Waves of heat filled her core, spilling out the fluids from her virginal walls, soaking the bed below. She came for the first time, but the fear of the entire church knowing turned to panic. 

Vanessa stopped, rushing from her bed to the corner sink, but it was too late. A loud knock on her door dropped her to her knees, forcing the prayers of forgiveness to whisper from her lips. 

“Jesus, I believe you love me. Please forgive me for my sins. Please help me to be a better person. Amen,” she whispered. 

“Sister Vanessa, you are to report to the church NOW!” said the voice on the other side of the door. 

“Yes, Ma’am,” Vanessa stammered. 

Vanessa waited until the footsteps were down the hall before sliding out of bed. Quickly wrapping herself in a white terry cloth robe, she didn’t walk to the church. She ran with fear chasing behind her. Running across the wet grass, Vanessa swung open the church doors only to find a sight that forced screams to erupt without warning. Five priests are standing at the altar, all of them as naked as the day they were born. 

“Sister Vanessa, disrobe and join us,” Father Willaim said. 

Her feet felt as though glued to the floor, but her hands did that unthinkable. They pulled the sash on the robe to allow it to drop on the ground. Next, the sheer white gown and the matching panties laid with the other garment. 

“Come forward, child. You are to kneel at the altar in front of us,” Father added. 

Vanessa shook harder with each step, dropping down on the first step, as her eyes stayed on their throbbing cocks. 

Each man stroking his own cock, watched the young girl begin to pray. Her words, not those that you would find in the bible, but ones that the Devil fed his disciples. 

“Forgive me, Fathers, for I have sinned. I rammed my fingers over my seeping cunt, fingering my pussy until the filth flowed from my core. I masturbated, Fathers. I wasted the seed on my own perverted needs,” Vanessa cried. 

Quickly jacking off, each of the Priests moaning out as their hands pumped their massive cocks. Pre-cum dripping onto the carpet in front of the young Nun, her mouth opening wide to take her first communion. Ropes of thick creamy cum hitting her in the face, Sister Vanessa used her hands to rub her body down with the donations that plastered her tiny breasts. 

“Take the seed of the Lord. Wash in his holy waters and cleanse the demons from your soul,” they chanted as they exited the church. 

“Forgive me, fathers, for I crave your sins,” Vanessa whispered as they left. 

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