Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish all you Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.

They say children are a blessing, and those that have them have the whole world in their hands. I want to send my warmest love to all the Mothers, God Mothers, Grand Mothers, and Aunts. Whether you gave birth, adopted, or became a mother by tragedy, you are amazing.

For all those mothers who can only hold their children in their hearts, know that you are loved. Never forget that you may not hold your child in your hands, but you are and always will be their Mama.

God Bless you all.


I hate not posting for a couple days, but I have a little writers block. I know, write through it, and I am trying, but I feel boring right now. I need something to spice up my words. So please don’t think I am forgetting about anyone. I need to get my head into the writing zone again.

Love you all tons and thank you for all the kind comments.