Sunday Sin

Beware the enclosed contains blasphemy. Only posted for a short period due to it being part of a book series.

Alone in her room, Vanessa laid there watching the ceiling. Should she call her family and ask if this is okay, or should she allow it to continue and accept it as God’s will? As her eyes closed, the Devil snuck into the room to show the innocent young Nun the pleasures of his playground. One can’t control a dream. Satan always holds the upper hand in the subconscious world. 

Slowly the sheet pulled from the cot, exposing her small frame. As she stretches out, unaware that her dreams were about to be hijacked, and the Devil himself was driving the bus. She moans as she felt the hand creep from her ankle to her inner thigh, his nails leaving a faint line on her flawless flesh. 

Inhaling deep, his back arched as his nose followed his hands.  Tonight though, all the Devil wanted was to sedate his growing thirst. The well between her legs would supply him with his nightly nocturnal nourishment. He parted her legs, careful not to wake the girl. The first shock of the evening was that there were no panties to remove. Her soft pussy hair covered in a dew of her sins. The scent alone letting him know that she pleasured herself tonight. A slight adjustment in weight on the bed, and his nose buried in the small puff of hair above her pussy. Inhaling deep, he took in not just the scent of pussy perfume but also the smell of innocence. Below those pristine lips laid the perfect seal that held out all the destructive elements of the world. 

As she rolled slightly, her leg dropped to the side. She exposed herself more without knowing it or did her subconscious tell her to do that. Maybe the will of the Devil parted the rivers to the hidden treasure. 

He never spoke. There is no need to talk during dinner. As his tongue started at the asshole, he licked up the outer labia, drawing an imaginary line up to the clitoral hood. He made sure not to break contact with the skin. His tongue moved back down in a half-circle, pushing his way up the other side to complete the circle. The taste was bursting tiny bubbles on his tongue. The Devil in the presence of not only a Nun but a virgin is almost toxic. Her pussy tastes like the combination of spun sugar and fresh honey straight from the hive. Thick, creamy, and addictive. The dream lover took his time with the small Nun. His craving reached the starvation point when he took the first swipe up the middle, parting her lips with the tip. If this is what heaven tastes like, he will relinquish the throne. 

“Mmm, no, our father who art,” Vanessa mumbled. She was praying in her sleep, but for what? Did she pray for the nocturnal dream to continue or for it to end? The juices that trickled from her sweet pussy answered what she could not speak. 

“Oh, sister, I am not done with you. I will never finish with you,” he growled. Around in circles, the spike of his tongue toured her virginity. Oh, to be the one to take that, he would give up his immortal life to shove his cock in there, splatter it with cherry juice, and listen to the opera screams. Slithering around, he would not let her cum with his tongue inside of her sweet hole. No, a little lower was the goal. A hand on either side of her ass cheek, he spread open that tiny door, pushing his tongue inside of her asshole. The tight rim is holding him in a strangulation hold as she pumped her hips in the air. For being a virgin, she will become a prime panial queen. One that begged for her cunt taped shut and her asshole destroyed by a multitude of massive cocks. 

She cried out, her pleasure building as the sleeping sister knotted her slender fingers in the sheets of the cot—perspiration building on her brow. The moment the lust of the Devil consumed Vanessa, she screamed out in waves of pleasure. “Oh god, please,” she wailed. Her voice echoed through the small room as the dream escape pulled her into the chambers of the Devil for the very first time. 

Smirking, the being from her growing nightmares collecting his due, he drank every drop of the sweet cream that poured freely from her cunt. It was then that he knew the man who took this girl would unleash a wanton slave to the cock. 

13 thoughts on “Sunday Sin

      1. Mine too! One could at first think about the cross as blocking or protecting her entrance…until you realize the chain is buried and dangling from her tight space. After that sinks in deeply, it is a mind bender 😈🔥 I’ll link back to this post as inspiration if I ever get around to publishing the art.


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