Come little Kitten – 8 –

As the rays of light beamed through the bedroom window, the entire house reeked of silence. I laid in the bed, still too sore to move, but even the staff seemed to be off or walking on eggshells through the massive estate. Odd, very odd, but this entire week was not typical. In my heart, she wanted to run and ask Master all about the party the night before, but I knew better. He would go into great detail about what he did when he returned home. I heard enough through the walls that I didn’t need a detailed play-by-play description of what went on with the pet of his. I already hate her enough.

As I rolled towards the light, irises adjusting to the brightness, a knock on the door stiffened my body. All I wanted was breakfast, but what I feared was who would be delivering my meal.

“Come in,” I called out.

With a soft squeak and gentle footsteps across the room, I knew right away it was her. Oddly enough, I never even knew her name. In this house, Master gives you a role, and that is how you will be addressed. She is a pet, and I, well, I am Kitten.

“What do you want?” I growled, the tip of my tongue tight between my teeth. I do not want to do or say anything that will anger the Master today. All I want is to be back in his good graces before the end of the day.

“I brought you some food. Master approved,” she laughed. “When done, he is waiting for you in his office. He would like to speak to you,” she said before leaving the room.

I waited until she was gone before rolling over. On the tray was a simple oatmeal bowl, but in the center, a large amount of cream. I knew right away what it was. Master relieved himself in my breakfast. It wasn’t uncommon. I have at least one meal a day with his cum on top. Those are always my favorite. As I pushed myself up, glancing down at the bowl, I knew this was different. It was far too much. It was then that I knew what happened.

Master deposited the cum inside his pet, and she held it all night before expelling it into my breakfast. There was no way I wanted to eat this, but if I didn’t, he would know. The camera in my room would make sure of that. If I waste his seed, I’m punished, but I didn’t want this woman’s taste in my mouth. I despised her more than anything in the world. Knowing that her cum’s mixed with his makes my stomach churn.

As I sit up and place the tray on my lap, the scent of a fresh fuck hits my nose like a bucket of bricks. “I hate you so much,” whispering as the first bite slips between my lips. The oatmeal’s sweetness mixed with the salty cum sitting on my stomach feels as though it will come back up if I don’t swallow quickly. I gulped down, the first bite is the worst, and the second ate quicker than the first. If I didn’t finish this bowl quick, the toilet would hold the contents, and my ass would hurt worse than it already does. My eyes closed until it was gone. The pit of my stomach held the pain of my actions.

After a quick shower, I dressed in a simple pink sundress. My hair pulled back in a long braid. There is no need to paint my face today. I want Master to see the darkness under my eyes and my swollen lips. I’m sure what he wants to see is that I learned my lesson and regret my actions. I honestly do. If I can, I will never again make the same mistake as I did. A lesson learned. With my bed made, and the room tidy, it’s time to meet the Master in his room. If I keep him waiting, this talk could be much harder than last night.

“Master, you wanted to see me?” I asked, standing at the open door of his office. His head down, he held up a single finger, curling it for me to advance. It was then that I noticed the phone in his hand. He wasn’t speaking, only listening. That alone sent pangs of dread through my entire body.

“I’ve been thinking about last night. I feel I was far too hard on you,” he said as he clicked off the phone. “I want to take you away for the weekend. Please pack a bag for a two-day trip, and enclose a gown for evening wear. Something long and red. I want those heels I purchased packed as well,” he said.

Without thinking, I asked the dreaded question. I know I should leave well enough alone, but I can’t.

“Are we going alone?” I asked.

He looked up from the papers in front of him. A smirk curled his lips before he spoke.

“Just the two of us, well, unless you would like me to invite my little pet to come alone,” he laughed.

“NO!” I said, my voice far too loud.

“Go pack. It’s a working weekend, not a fun one,” he said, dismissing me from his presence.

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