How far can one fall from grace?


This is the last teaser I can show from my new book. I had to share it with all my friends. Remember, adult / blasphemous content inside. Beware.

The walk down that long hallway seemed like forever. For Sister Vanessa, each step was met with confusion and excitement. Her tiny slit tingling with desire, she thought about being alone and touching all the parts the Doctor awakened. A cloud of mystery looming in her head. All of those thoughts stopped when she settled into the small compact room that she was assigned. Vanessa was shocked that there was a camera pointed at her bed. Even if she thought about touching herself, that would out of the question now.

“Why is there a camera?” Vanessa asked as the other girl placed her bag on the bed.

“Oh, that. You know Mother Superior lets some of the deacons watch us, making sure that we don’t diddle. You know masturbation is a sin. You do not waste the seed. It’s the number one rule that Mother Elizabeth made,” said the other young teen.

All Sister Vanessa could do was nod. She was not officially a Nun yet, but she knew how to play by the rules. She did wonder, though, what the older nun had planned for her that evening. Her panties tingled with excitement at the unknown.

A few hours later, a soft knock on the young girl’s door alerted her to her appointment with Mother Superior. She would be lying if she said her stomach was not in knots. Fear has a way of making the body ache in a way you never knew possible. She ached deep in her loins.

“Do you know why she wants to see me?” Vanessa asked.

“You’ll see,” said the other girl—her words almost in a melodic tone.

Vanessa didn’t want to see. She wanted to know now. If there was something to fear, why wouldn’t this girl tell her? They were about the same age. Didn’t that mean anything, or did the other girl fear this woman too? The only thing she knew by the time she reached the woman’s door was that this girl was not her friend. Is that okay for a Nun to dislike someone?

“Come in, child, do not wake the others with the knocking,” Mother Superior said.

“Yes, Ma’am. Did I do something wrong?” Vanessa asked, closing the door quietly behind her.

“Sit,” the older woman said as she reached in her desk drawer, pulling out a cigarette, “I have this conversation with all the new girls at the church.” Mother Superior perched a cigarette between her painted lips, lighting the tip until it glowed the color of fire. “I want to explain to you who and what I am. First, I have been a Nun for 15 years and a Mother Superior for five. During my time in this church, they have not had a day of debt. I run a very tight ship,” she said. “My girls learn on day one that they will do as I say, or there will be hell to pay. Just a figure of speech,” she winked.

Suddenly that knot in the middle of Vanessa’s stomach tightened. She was scared. No, she was terrified. “Yes, Ma’am. I assure you that I will not cause you problems. I am a very obedient servant of the Lord,” Vanessa said. All of this was new to the teen.

“I know, sweetheart. Get down on your knees. It’s time for prayer,” Sister Elizabeth added. Long tugs from her cigarette, she sat on the edge of the desk, waiting.

Vanessa dropped down, her eyes up to the older woman as she waited for instructions. She was unsure of the prayer for the evening.

Sister Elizabeth pulled her gown up around her waist without removing her cigarette from her lips. “You see, I spent the afternoon with Father Thomas. He seems to have left quite a mess inside of me. Be a good girl and clean my pussy while you pray for my forgiveness,” she said, ashing her cigarette on the floor of her office.

“Ma’am, are you sure I am to do this?” Vanessa asked.

Without warning, her cheek met the back of the older woman’s hand. Mother Superior reached her hand out, yanking the young girl forward as she forced their lips to meet. Her lower, and the young girl’s facial. Rocking Vanessa’s head back and forth, she smeared the cum from ear to ear before yanking her head back with a fist full of hair. “I said to clean my fucking cunt,” the older woman spat her words.

“Yes, Ma’am,” she said, her tongue licking up the outer lips of the woman. With long strokes of her tongue, the younger girl moaned as she collected the cum from both Mother Superior and the good Father. Pushing between her lips, Sister Vanessa sucked up a large amount of cream, pulling back as the secretions dripped from her mouth. A sticky line of cream still connecting the two women.

“Mmm, Gracious God, let this little girl each that snatch that you filled with seed. Make her swallow the juices,” Mother Superior moaned.

Vanessa pushed her face back in, sucking and slurping up the cream that spilled from the woman’s opening. So much that it poured down her chin, staining the gown she wore. A wiggle of her tongue as Vanessa explored deeper, the juices gushing from her pussy almost choking Vanessa. Pulling back to catch her breath, bubbles of cum exploding from her nose as she tried to breathe. There was no way this was the seed of one man.

With the cigarette dangling from her fingers, Mother Superior moved her own hand down to rapidly massage her clit. It was Vanessa who would reap the rewards. A waterfall of sin spilling from the elder Nun, Vanessa opened her mouth wide, drinking down the offering.

Screaming out the Lord’s Prayer, Mother Superior gushed cum all over the face of the young nun, cursing the name of Jesus with each wave of pleasure.

Panting, her hand pulled back, the good sister stroked Vanessa’s hair, praising her for a job well done. “Such a good girl. Clean that all up and then the floor. After that, you may return to your room for the night, but remember, I’m watching you,” said Mother Superior.

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