Here comes the rain again

crying girl

100 words

As she watched from the sidelines of life, her heart tugged each time he walked by. There goes my world. That man right there was the one who slew all my fears with a single word. Love. He loved me with his whole being, and I destroyed him with one lie. As the city floods again from the salty tears that fall from my eyes, I know the rainy season is upon us. Will I ever get over the loss of the only person who ever told me they care? God is gracious, but the Devil is in control today.

A.J. Luna

8 thoughts on “Here comes the rain again

      1. In my book “The poet’s love”. I wish I could make my character Paloma more alive. To create place of magic. You need the ability to make every scene sensitive and true. You are welcome dear poet.

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      1. Not published yet. I will go deep edit and I want to strengthen the characters. It is posted on the W.P. The story is called “The Poet’s love.” I wrote the story for the poet Susana Chavez Castillo, who was murdered for trying to stop the killing of the Mexican girls on the border.

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