Come little kitten -7-

I have disappointed the only man I could ever truly love, and the damn that held back the tears fell the moment he left the room. Alone in his office, the room still smelled like sex even after his departure. Another memory of his presence now soaked the floor beneath my ass, and if it stained the fine-grained wood, his wrath would forever be my sorrow.

I sat in silence until I heard the footstep walk down the hall, the giddy laughter of the pet, and the slam of the front door. They were gone, but the memory of the day lingered through my soul. Without getting up, I slide back on the floor. My head dropped as my tongue took the first taste—the intense aroma sending shivers through my spine. Sex has a particular scent, and this was pungent. The taste second to none. I licked straight through the middle of the puddle—a strand of thick cream connecting me to the fluids. As thick as honey, the cream coated my tongue. I can only imagine the flavor when it was warm, but I do not deserve such decadence. I am a disappointment, and now, a pet rests on my pillow while I wallow in memories.

With the milk inside my stomach, a slow crawl back to my room inflicted new marks on my knees. It hurt too much to walk, and though Master forgives me, I must not be in his office when he returns. I know the rules, but with each move, I dread the time ticking on the clock. Will he allow his pet to come into my room and torment my mind with what I lost tonight? Or will he allow me the peace of a good night’s sleep? I pray for the latter, though a part of me wanted to know what happened between the two of them. Did he show her off with pride, or was he reluctant to announce her as his property?

A scalding hot bath would relieve part of the pain, and my soft bed would No sooner have I fell asleep did a creak of the door catch my attention. I knew by the steps that it was Master who was visiting me. All I wanted to do was slip to the floor and beg for forgiveness, but instead, I kept my eyes closed and my mouth quiet.

“I know you’re awake,” he said.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, a hand placed to my head to stroke my hair softly. It wasn’t a tug but in a very loving manner.

“I was disappointed in you today, Kitten. I have so much trust in you, and when you let me down by cumming with that woman, I lost so much compassion for you. Hurting you is never something I want to do. You do understand that right?” he asked.

Tears burning my eyes, a slight sniffle from my nose, I whispered, “I am sorry for my actions. I can only promise you that I will never do it again.” I needed this tonight. Not only did my body feel as though he ravaged every inch of me, but my heart ached.

“Shhh, I know. I want you to know that if you even attempt to disobey me again, the pillow is gone, and you will be replaced. I don’t want that to happen, but it will. Now, get some rest. I have a long night ahead for my pet. She will be getting what was yours tonight. I want you to listen each time she cries out and know that could have been all yours,” he said.

Leaning over and placing a single kiss on my head, I watched him leave, but the door stayed open. He meant it. I was going to have to listen to him fuck his pet. The entire night the screams were filling the corridors of the home. I know it was done as a part of my punishment, but she will never retake my spot. I was sure of that.

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