Dirty confessions of a peeping tom -2-

What a time in life. A pandemic springs up, and the world is shutdown. Working from home should be easy, but for Nicole, it was that thing in the corner of the living room that distracted her. That telescope was a bad investment for someone with ADHD. After watching the show the night before, she couldn’t stop thinking about what happened afterward. Did his wife come home and find the sheets stained with cum? Or the scent of another woman on her husband? Or was she so oblivious to his cheating that she laid in the stain and her skin covered in adultery? Did she wake up and realize that her husband cheated, or did she even care?

“Jake, food’s ready. I got you some tuna today,” Nicole called out.

Running through the apartment, the overweight pure black cat slid across the floor, not stopping until his face was in the bowl—a nightly routine for Jake.

“Slow down, fat ass. You’ll choke, and I’ll have to save you again. Remember the bacon incident,” Nicole warned.

That cat was her best friend, her enemy, and the family she didn’t have. Leaving for college at 17, when she returned to her family home, her parents had packed up and moved to Florida with a word. Imagine standing on the porch of the house you grew up in and a stranger opening the door. A fucked up way to find out your family disappeared without a word. Nicole never muttered another word about them and considered herself an orphan from that day on. Still, to this day, they have never contacted their only child, and if they did, she would never forgive their betrayal.

Jake gulped the food down, a few guttural sounds coming from him as he ate, he cared for nothing other than being fed, and his liter changed.

“What would you say was the biggest change you made during this pandemic?” Nicole asked. Of course, there was no one there. That was the title of the article she was assisting on this week. Nicole would never get credit for the work she did, but at least it was a paycheck. Her boss always took full credit for the job and reminded her that she was only a fact-checker. Nicole was to keep her mouth shut, or she would be looking for new employment.

When no one replied but a grunting cat, she sat down in front of the screen, her fingers on the keys. Nothing, not one word, came to mind as she tried to formulate sentences. It was the sudden light from the apartment the night before that sucked her in once again. This time, the couple was home at the same time. A rare occurrence and curiosity forced her to grab the telescope. Once again, she aimed the scope to the windows. This time though, it wasn’t the sexual release she got from the night before. Even without sound, she could tell they were screaming at each other. Arms were waving, and both in a heated screaming match that she wished she could hear. Again, being a fly on the wall was her only escape from this pandemic of hell.

“Why the fuck were there panties on the floor of the bedroom? I don’t wear that kind or that size,” she screamed.

“You’re insane. Those are yours, and you’ve lost your fucking mind again,” the husband laughed, swirling his finger around his ear as though she was crazy.

The wife shook her head back and forth, screaming he was lying to her. She was what most men would call hysterical.

“You fucking liar. I hate you,” she screamed as she ripped the ring from her finger. Holding the small circular object in her hand, she threw it at her husband, hitting him in the center of his forehead.

“Oh, you fucking bitch,” he growled. A trickle of blood went down his forehead, the skin cut by the diamond setting.

Nicole watched, shocked by the knock on the door. Two uniformed officers are standing there, the man dripping blood and the woman crying. If the night wasn’t bad before for the lady, she was devastated when she left in handcuffs for abusing her cheating husband.

Lost in the moment, Nicole jumped when Jake decided to show her some affection finally.

“So Jake, do you think those two will get divorced, or will he have the whore over while the wife is locked up?” she asked, but the cat settled in by kneading her lap. “I guess I should finish this, Jake. That poor lady. I hope someone kills that cheating asshole,” she added.

4 thoughts on “Dirty confessions of a peeping tom -2-

  1. Wonderful imagery, I can see her sitting at the scope watching and waiting for the wife to realise he’s cheating on her, I felt her cold pain at her adopted orphaned state, I felt her frustration at being the silent worker with all the words and none of the glory, but most of all I felt a deep urge in her to exact retribution in the killing of a cheating stranger. Fabulous story telling! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I think with this pandemic most of us have felt isolated and alone at one time. Working from home can be a blessing and a curse. This series will remind me of one of my favorite movies. Rear Window. Stuck at home with nothing but binoculars and an open window can be dangerous.

      Liked by 2 people

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