Dirty confessions of a peeping tom

Jake, dinner’s in the bowl. Come and eat.”

Talking to a cat is common for someone who lives alone. Not that kittens ever speak back, but for the lonely soul living in apartment 612, she has hope that one day that cat will turn into the man of her dreams. A girl can hope.

At 28, Nicole has lived in the same apartment for most of her life. After sharing it with her parents for a year, they retired to Florida, leaving her with the rent-controlled apartment. In New York, that is something you don’t want to give up. Not when broom closets can cost $1,200.00 per month. When you’re on a starving writer’s salary, there was no way she could move. Well, not until she got that big break every writer hopes to get. Working for a community newspaper was only temporary, or so she kept telling herself. Three years into the job, and she still wasn’t anything more than a fact-checker. Nicole was not the kind of girl to catch the attention of the boss. He preferred big tit blondes with the IQ of a housefly. Nicole did the work while they stayed on their knees, doing their form of a job.

Perched in front of the window with her Chinese take-out box, Nicole began her nightly ritual. She loved watching the neighbors in the apartment building across the walkway. Since her apartment was smack dab in the middle, she had the best view of everything below the sixth floor. Plus, her telescope gave her a bird’s eyes advantage to peek into the lives of others. Sometimes she placed herself as a fly on the wall and wrote her own story. She kept reminding herself that this would become a bestseller one day, and she would finally get her big break.

Taking her first bite of the vegetable-filled eggroll, she almost choked. The light from the apartment directly across from her popped on. It had been at least two days since she noticed any activity in that apartment. A young couple moved in about six months ago, and usually, the only one home was the husband. The wife worked nights, so she was rarely home. If Nicole had to guess, she would say she was a nurse. She wore scrubs, and with the hours she kept, she probably worked the graveyard shift.

As she ate, Nicole watched as the dark-haired male cleaned up the apartment, struggled to open a bottle of wine, and stood adjusting his tie in the mirror. Maybe the wife was home, and it was date night? Either way, he had piqued her interest solely on watching him. All she could hope for was that he didn’t close the shades tonight. A few times when they first moved in, she caught them having sex. That had to be the highlight of her viewing addiction. There was something dirty about dipping into the bedroom of strangers and watching as they indulge in intimate acts. For Nicole, that night was one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced.

“Oh, shit, who is that?” Nicole whispered.

Across the walkway in that 6th-floor apartment, the door rang. When the male opened it, that wasn’t his wife. The man was married to a small dumpy blond, but this tall brunette he greeted with a kiss was not his wife. Gasping, she pushed the food in her mouth faster as she watched the man shove the woman against the door, his hands groping her like an animal in heat. Thank god, for the telescope. Nicole could see it all.

“Fuck nuggets, if his wife comes home, he’s dead. I would kill that asshole if he cheated on me,” Nicole growled as she shoved her chopsticks into the container.

She shoved the wooden sticks into the food with each bite as though she was stabbing the male for cheating. The more clothing that came off, the madder she became. Cheating was wrong. She hated men who cheated, and this one most of all. He was doing it right there in the apartment he shared with his wife.

As a little fly on the wall, she watched the man fully undress the female, carrying her to the bedroom—one thrust as he tossed her on the bed. Laughter from the woman filled the room, her hands roaming all over her body as the male undressed. He was proud of his body, stroking his cock a few times when his pants came off. Long and hard, he pushed his hand around the fuck meat a few times, pushing a little cream to the head. A dribble leaking out to taunt the female, he motioned her forward to give her a taste of the succulent cream.

Smirking, she moved to her hands and knees, crawling to the edge of the bed, licking over her lips. “Mmm Papi, gimme some of that good stuff,” she purred.

The male grabbed her long brunette strands, yanking her forward to his cock. Smearing the pre-cum all over her face, pinching her nose to open her mouth. When she gasped for a breath, he replaced the air with his cock, forcing it inside. He Thrust forward, his balls slapping her chin in a clap of approval. He stretched her throat open to feed both of them what they needed. Grunts and groans came out as animalistic sounds as the man fed this beautiful woman the entire length of his massive cock. Pulling back, looking down at the female, he pulled out, a thin line of saliva still connecting them as one. With a quick slap of the head to her check, he stopped, smirking as though he knew someone was watching. Quickly looking out the open shade, he closed the blinds before continuing on the adulterous affair.

“NOOOO,” Nicole cried.

She slammed the food down on the small table, her show was over for the night, but she knew this wouldn’t be the last time she was a fly on their wall.

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