Come Little Kitten 4

kitten stories

I shook as my body pushed back into the leather seat. It was the first time it scared me enough to cry. I know tears are a weakness, but I am only human under all this glitz and glamour. “I didn’t know until now. I thought I was doing what you wanted, but now that I have thought about it, I know I should never have indulged in the pleasure,” I said. I could do nothing to change what happened, but now I know that I am not to enjoy the act when Master sends me into a room with another. It was a mistake that would never happen again.

“Did she make you,” he stopped to take a drink of the amber liquid, “Make you cum harder than I do?”

How could he ask me that? No one in the world could ever make my body feel the way he did. I would be a fool to deny that he is the best, even when he takes away all the pleasure from me. My heartbeat is loud enough that my chest ached from the pressure. I can’t believe that he thinks so low of me. I would never want someone as I do him.

Without thinking, I raised my voice when I spoke, “Are you joking right now? How could you ever think that anyone could give me what you do? Do you think that little of me?” As a Kitten, I have never raised my voice or spoken with anger. In my defense, though, Master has never once questioned my loyalty to him before tonight.

In a single gulp, he took all the brandy to the back of his throat, swallowing hard enough that I could see it going down. The pain in my body is a wrecking ball against my soul, causing a thunderous volt with his every word.

“You’re female, so you are a whore. It’s been that way since the beginning of time, and though you find it necessary to plead your case, stop,” he said. “I’ve dealt with thousands of women in my time, and now you are one of them. When we arrive at home, you are to strip and go to my office and bend over the desk like a disobedient little whore,” he said. His gaze back out the window and the second brandy in his hand.

As the car pulled into the circular drive, I dreaded the door opening. It’s not the punishment that you fear. It’s the after-effects. My eyes closed tight as I exited the car. A warm slap of California heat slapped both my cheeks as a precursor to the event that would soon follow. There was no need to speak, only to follow directions. On my way into the house, I had to physically force my feet to shuffle as I made my way to the office. The first time I noticed how cold it was in Master’s private domain—adorned in dark cherry wood, all the furnishings oversized and leather. His desk one of those with large claw feet that easily fit his tall stature.

I hear her. That bitch that walked around like the Queen of the castle. She didn’t wear his brand, but she strutted through the place as she did. My brain is screaming that it’s not okay to hate, but as I pulled off my blouse, I lost three buttons to the floor. They hit with a deafening thud. My zipper also paid my anger price as I ripped the teeth apart, ruining the lined. I would need to have both repaired before Master found how negligent I was.

“Aww, the kitten was bad. Shame shame” rang out the female voice.

Growling, I never turned, but I couldn’t stop what came next. It was impossible not to react this time. “I fucking hope you rot in hell,” I said. Never turning around, I know Master heard me, but he would handle his pet first. With the sound of a backhand and a cry, I knew she was as guilty, and now, so did he. The only other sound was her heels as she walked off to her room. He would deal with her later, but as the door slammed behind him, it was my turn to receive a taste of his wrath.

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