Ghost of the Past -4-

What happens when you leave crumbs? The birds will follow you home, and if you feed them, they will never leave.

Nicolette knew this was far from over. If only Dave had followed the rules and never sent Gypsy that request. She would deal with her cousin later as to why she sunk back into the pits of hell for a couple of bucks. She was a fucking Kennedy, for fuck sakes. There was no need for her to open her legs for anything other than love. If she hadn’t learned anything before tonight, Nicolette was sure this episode was the cure she needed. One could hope, at least.

As the midnight blue Bugatti moved through Los Angeles’s streets, the music played in the background. Not any music. It was the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. Fitting, it seemed. As she programmed the address into the GPS, Nicolette knew she didn’t need it, but there was something funny about at least one person knowing where she was going.

As the car pulled into the lot, she looked around at the scum walking the streets. It was pitiful the way Americans took care of their own. Pay them nothing and expect them to survive in a world where you will never make it if you don’t have money. Most of these street urchins lost to drugs, but not all of them. Occasionally, a mother and child would catch her eyes. Those were the ones that broke the heart she never thought she possessed. She never gave them cash, but she would get a hotel and a hot meal for them. Money meant drugs, and she was opposed to numbing yourself to make it through another day.

Nicolette checked her watch before exiting the car. Dawn had broken a few hours prior, and the only vehicle in the parking lot had a fast-food sticker on the bumper. There is only one person that could be. Dave was in the office and more than likely stuffing another lard-filled meal down his throat. Maybe she would help it along. Nic grabbed one last thing. A duffle bag from the trunk.

The moment Nicolette stepped into the building, she smelled it. Body odor, rancid food, and greed. Some would say the latter had no scent, but for Nic, she could sniff out a money-grubbing pig the moment she smelled one. She walked down the hall of the dilapidated office building, her nails raked across the wall, a forewarning to her arrival. She would play fair with Dave by giving him a chance to run. It was too bad. The only thing he worried about was running out of ranch for the pizza he was dunking it in.

As she slipped inside, Nicolette pounded on the walls of the old building, following the scent of cheap food. Step by step, her stomach filled with laughter. She could only imagine the look on his face if she carried an ax behind her and not the duffle bag. Honestly, it might save her a lot of work. Fat bastard would have a heart attack all on his own, but what fun would that be? Dave deserved all the bells and whistles that a woman like Nicolette could provide. She was a force to be reckoned with when someone fucks with her family the way he did.

“Who the fuck is out there,” Dave yelled. Pushing back his chair with a squeak of the wheels, the three hundred and fifty-pound man waddled from the office, greasy bib still attached. The moment his eyes took in the person in front of him, panic set in. Dave wasn’t ready for another encounter with Nicolette, but she couldn’t wait for hers.

With a smirk, Nicolette advanced, shooing him back in the office, “Oh, go eat the rest of your food. You don’t want to waste your last meal, now do you?” As she pushed her way into his office, Nic placed her hand to his chest, forcing the rotund man to step back in against his will. “Sit the fuck down. We need to talk about what you did last night. I’m sure even with all that shit clogging your arteries, you can remember sending my Saint of a cousin on a date with Rocco Lucchese,” Nicolette said.

“Saint? Who the fuck are you kidding. That bitch is a whore, and one of the best, I might add,” Dave laughed as he picked up another slice of pizza. As he stuffed the pie into his mouth, the grease ran down his arm, his face littered with remnants of the meal, “You need to get your fucking glasses checked if you think that dumb bitch is a Saint. By the way, how did her date go?” Dave laughed as he ate, food spilling from his mouth.

“Have you no shame? Jesus Christ, man, you eat like a pig. Oink oink,” Nicolette cackled. As the memory of Frank Paloma eaten alive by a pack of feral pigs forced its way into her mind, she knew that was too good for Dave. He deserved something special. Something that only Nicolette could give him. As she sat across from the man, her right leg crossing to expose her long legs to him, the way he looked at her was not the same as the food. He seemed to almost orgasm from the shit that went down his throat. Maybe you can fall for food. God knows if his weight was any indication he fell in love a lot. She wondered if the fast-food establishments would grieve when he was gone? They would soon find out just how dedicated to their customers they were.

“Can you leave? I sent the fucking money to the whore already. Not my fault if she went missing afterward,” his voice rang out in a snarky tone.

With a simple tap of her fingers on her knew, Nic heard all she needed. That asshole knew what was going to happen to her cousin. “Missing? Oh, you fat fuck, there is nothing wrong with Gypsy. She is home with her daughter, where she belongs. Now, Mr. Lucchese, well, he doesn’t swim very well. I hope he paid you in advance?” she asked. Nicolette wasn’t prepared for the shock on the man’s face. He looked like a ghost walked through the room and slapped him. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” she laughed.

Dave fumbled for his words as he wiped the grease from his fingers, “Bitch, why the fuck are you even here? I have nothing for you other than a hard dick. You want some of this?” Dave was showing his fear as the time ticked away. Grabbing his phone, dialing, the other end of the line rang once before being picked up. “Let me speak to Mr. Lucchese. It’s important,” he said. As silence filled the room, Dave listened to the man on the other end scream that his boss went missing fourteen hours prior.

Sitting back in her chair, Nicolette smirked. It was one of those Kodak moments. “Seems like you were the last one to speak to poor Rocco. Can you imagine what’s going to happen to you when his people come looking for him? I don’t know much about the Mafia, but when the boss ghosts, so do the last people in contact with him,” uttered Nicolette.

“The whore was the last one. Not me. All I did was set up the fucking hit, nothing else. Fuck you bitch,” Dave screamed.

Nicolette shook her head, but this time, the laughter wasn’t there. She didn’t know for sure that Dave set Gypsy up until now. His confession sealed his coffin. Pushing her lips to a drastic bow, she grabbed the bag on the floor, pulling out a handgun. “Now, here’s the deal. I hate these things. I don’t even know how to use them, but Rocco was kind enough to leave this behind, so I guess that was heaven sent?” she said. As she twirled the weapon around in her hand, pointing it at Dave as she tapped the floor. “Do you remember when Gypsy complained to you that Frank Paloma used a gun on her? Raped her with it before he hurt her?” she asked. “What did you say to her when she cried for months over that ordeal?” Nicolette asked.

Dave’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, shaking his head, “She never told me. I swear it. She never said he hurt her.”

“You fucking liar. She cried to you, and you told her to suck it up and be a real woman,” she screamed. “Get on your fucking knees,” Nicolette demanded.

“Fuck you,” Dave screamed.

“One, two,” she said, her finger on the trigger of the gun. If she got to three, Dave was going to ruin all her fun. She smirked as he dropped to his knees, putting his hands in the air in self-defense. Did this man think Nicolette had anything that would closely resemble a heart? As she moved closer, Nic rubbed the nozzle of the gun across his lips, pushing down on his bottom lip. “Opened wide. Come on, Dave. Just pretend it’s a burger. Open up and say ah,” she laughed.

His mouth opened just as Nicolette pushed the gun into his mouth, holding it, so the barrel laid across his tongue. She wondered for a moment if he could taste the last kill? Could he taste gunpowder, or was it clean? “Wrap your lips around it. You know, like Gypsy did. Wait, different lips, but same results. Close the mouth,” Nicolette said. Moving the weapon in and out, she fucked his mouth with the revolver, disgusted as a thin line of saliva dripped down his chins.

Dave mumbled, sucking off the gun, his eyes filling with tears. For a second, Nicolette caught the image of her cousin doing the same. She knew Gypsy well enough to know she begged for her life when she was assaulted. In and out, the weapon slid with his saliva as lubrication. He was lucky. She could have fucked him dry, but this was much more fun.

“All of this, well, sorry Dave, but it’s boring. I’ve seen better porn,” she laughed. She pulled the trigger, the empty chamber rang out, but nothing happened. “Shit,” she said. Completely clearing the weapon in his mouth, Nicolette shrugged her shoulders as though she was shocked. Far from it. The young woman would never use a gun on anyone. She was more personal when it came to death. A gun has no soul.

“You fucking bitch. Dumb fucking cunt,” Dave screamed.

Without hesitation, Nicolette grabbed the letter opener on the desk, ramming it through the side of his head, a direct hit to the temple. As she pulled back, her fist slammed into the skull one more time before the fat son of a bitch fell forward, face-planting on the dirty floor. She left the weapon inside his head, knowing that when they ran it for prints, nothing would come back. Her birth was never recorded. She was the ghost that no one ever wanted for a haunting.

“Well, then, it looks like my work’s done. Remember Dave; gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. You fucked up, fat boy,” Nicolette laughed as she left the building. She would rid the world one pig at a time.

“Oink oink, Mother fucker”

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