Spoil those little piggies

foot fetish

We’ve all heard the saying, “Walk a mile in my shoes,” but for me, no shoes needed when it comes to the experience of a lifetime.

A day at the spa turned out to be a very profitable experience. Not only did my little foot slut pay for this trip, but he made sure to have lunch delivered and a glass of my favorite wine waiting. He’s proving to be a perfect slave and keeps my pretty feet and nails enticing to all my only fan’s clients.

When I arrived, I was greeted by my favorite nail tech. She knows what I do and how the game’s played.

“What color does he want today?” she asked.

I cackled in laughter, “Pink to match the pussy he will never see. You know how it is when it comes to these little pedicure pigs.”

There is nothing more enticing than slipping my feet into a warm bath of scented bubbles. I love wiggling my toes around and attracting all the clients coming and going. There is something about the confidence of a woman who loves what she walks on. Wallets!

Written for Bianca Devine

Bianca’s Information

ALL social media links: @Divine69x | Linktree

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