Ghost of the past 3

It was a day that Gypsy would never forget. Her mouth still coated with the blood of Rocco Lucchese, she looked over at her cousin with a silent stare. Usually, it was Nicolette who finished them off, but this time, Gypsy herself killed the man so brutally that she still felt as though she might puke again. If he was a soldier, the Lucchese family might allow her to live, but this time, she killed the main man so brutally that his manhood tore from his body. All she could pray for is if, and when they found the body, the coroner says it was fish who ate away his appendage. Nothing is more sacred to a man than his dick.

“Are you okay?” Nicolette asked. Death was normal for Nic, but she knew that her cousin still found the loss of life to be hard to endure. Gypsy was squeamish over the sight of blood. “You know you can talk to me about this. What you did tonight was save the life of your daughter. If they killed you, they wouldn’t stop with you. Grace would be next,” Nicolette added. Maybe, that was true, or perhaps not, but right now, she needed to get her cousin to understand that sometimes you must kill. “This world we live in isn’t kind. Rocco was saving his family, just like you were saving your own. Okay?” Nicolette said.

Gypsy had never thought about what Nic was saying, but suddenly she felt sicker than she had before. She felt that if she died, it would all go away, but if they hurt Grace, she would never be able to rest in peace. “I never thought,” Gyspy cried, her voice trailing off in pain. Grace was the only thing she had left from her ex-husband. His only gift to the girl other than the memory of his presence in her life. “Thank you for coming today. For always being there for the two of us. I don’t know what I would do if we lost you,” said Gypsy. She meant every word she said. Though only a year apart, the two connected as though they had been raised together all of their lives. In reality, they only met months ago on a night neither one would ever forget.

“Wake up, god damn you fucking stupid bitch. You have a baby inside of you, and you slit your fucking wrist,” Nicolette screamed. She had come across the young blond on the floor of a truck stop bathroom—what a way to meet your cousin for the first time. Wrapping her arms tight, Nicolette didn’t bring her back because she cared for Gypsy. It was the child in her stomach that she saved. Almost dying herself during her own birth, Nicolette couldn’t watch this baby perish. All she thought about was how her mother felt when she laid dying as her child spilled from her loins. No child would die if she could help it.

A quick shake of her head brought Gypsy back to reality. She reached for her cousin’s hand, squeezing it tight, “If anything happens to me, please, you take Grace and raise her as your own.”

“Shut the hell up. Nothing can or will happen to you. I swear to God, shut up,” Nicolette said, her voice cracking with emotions.

Squeezing her hand tighter, her eyes now on her cousin, Gypsy repeated her plea. “Please, I mean this. If anything happens to me, you can’t let the state take my child. I am begging you.”

“Alright,” Nicolette said. She hated that her cousin put her in this spot. Of course, she would take Grace, but she was putting it out to the universe that she thought her death was coming. Both of them knew that if Gypsy died, so would everyone around them. God help the world if they lose her to the dark side.

After a long, slow exhale, Gypsy knew that Nicolette would never break her promise to her. She would have documents drawn up that gave the child to her cousin upon her death. There was no way that Spencer Kennedy would get his hands on her daughter. She would never rest if something like that came to be.

As she pulled in front of the massive beach home, Nicolette parked but didn’t remove the keys from the ignition. She wasn’t staying. Tonight Nic needed to make sure that the Lucchese family never found out that Rocco’s last meeting was with Gypsy tonight. She refused to allow this all to fall back on the shoulders of someone already bursting at the seams with so much pain. “I want you to go in, shower, and act as though nothing at all happened tonight. Play with Grace, share a movie, but most of all, don’t worry. I am going to make sure tonight that no one knows you spent the evening with Rocco Lucchese. Okay?” Nicolette said.

A nod of her head before Gypsy exited. She knew this woman was sent from the heavens above to save her. Little did she know, God had nothing to do with Nicolette’s birth. “I love you, Nicolette. Thank you for being my guardian angel,” Gypsy said. Before leaving the car, she squeezed her cousin’s hand once again, looking back the moment the door was closed. Something terrible was coming, but what, she didn’t know.

“Okay, fat boy, you’re first,” Nicolette whispered as she drove away.

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