Valentine Unmasked

Disclaimer: Adult content inside.

A ball on Valentine’s day was so cliche, but that’s what the client wanted, and for
Vanessa, the client always came first. At twenty-four, the raven-haired beauty had
invested her life savings into a party planning business, and this was her first big break.
All she knew about her client was that he was single and had more money than he could
ever spend. In all honesty, that was enough for her to tackle the job one week in advance
of the party.

“A masquerade party? Are you sure you want that?” Vanessa asked. Sebastian St. Clair
was a man of means. If he wanted something, people moved heaven and earth to make
sure he got everything he wanted and more. Vanessa would make this party the event of
the year for the Billionaire playboy. Every female in the city would die for that pale pink
envelope to arrive in the mail. The letters engraved by the finest craftsman, it would be a
claim to fame to even be in the room with Sebastian. He could make or break your social
status in one single night. Women like Vanessa never received invitations to events like
this, but this year, her name would be all over the society pages for handling the party of
a lifetime.

St. Valentine’s Day Ball was written all over the society pages in bright red letters. After
a week of no sleep, the clock rolled over, and the party was only hours away. Technically
not a guest, Vanessa knew she had to show up dressed to seduce. Not actually, but her
work would need to be the one thing that no one who attended forgot. Splurging half of
her pay on a new dress and shoes, she stood in the mirror in awe of the woman she saw.
Nope, that girl, whoever she was, looked nothing like Vanessa. Her raven hair pulled
back into a cascade of curls. She topped the outfit off with lipstick in the bloodiest shade
of red. The mask would cover the rest of her face, but her emerald green eyes would
make her unforgettable. That was the one part of her body, where she received the most
compliments. The one thing she liked about a masquerade ball was that behind the
mask, you could be anyone you want.

Bright lights lit up the sky. Vanessa even rented one of those Hollywood spotlights that
shined a heart in the sky. It was radiant. By the looks of the crowd waiting outside, there
was not only guests but onlookers hoping for a chance to sneak inside the event.
Thankfully, security was tight, and if your name wasn’t on the list, you didn’t get in. You
would be watching the event through a live stream only. Another added perk. This party
was visible via pay per view. Everyone loves to see how the upper-class live, but most of
all, they wanted a glimpse of 2021 most eligible bachelor. Some of the women on the
streets were better dressed than the ones with an invitation in hand.

The alcohol poured from fountains, the food, top-notch, but what Vanessa didn’t foresee
was the sexual energy in the air. Men and women dancing, none knew their partners’
identity, but the whole place dripped of sex. From the clothing to the masks, it was all a
mystery in the making. Who was who, not even the host, would know. If someone

hooked up here tonight, it would be pure sexual chemistry and not appearance, though
the outfits were divine. Feathers, lace, ribbons, and bows, the mask came with each
invitation, and the ensemble built around it. Of course, Vanessa kept the best for herself.
That little secret would stain her tongue forever. Like any other red-blooded female, she
felt the tingle the moment she laced the covering, slipping into a secret world of the

Every I dotted and T crossed, Vanessa filled in as one of the invited. It was her way of
getting proper feedback from the participants. Humans can lie to save feelings, but she
wanted the truth. With a glass of white wine in hand, she wiggled her way through the
crowd. Her first stop was the bathroom. Females tend to gather around the sinks and
spill their guts. The restroom would be the one place she could find out how her party
rated on the social scales. What Vanessa didn’t foresee was the sounds coming from the
last stall. The party was a hit with at least two of the guests.

“Oh fuck, harder,” cried the female voice.

“Shut up, you’ll get us both busted,” the male growled.

Sounds of balls slapping skin, the scent of fuck was in the air. There is no way to hide the
smell of hot pussy when being fucked hard. Standing back against the wall, Vanessa
leaned down, watching the female in a pair of expensive black stilettos getting pounded
from behind by a man in Italian leather shoes. Even the walls of the small stall shook as
he thrust his cock inside of her dripping walls. She assumed the woman was wet by the
sucking sounds each time he lurched forward. Her eyes closed for a moment as the rush
of heat flooded through her body. Was she really getting off by two strangers fucking?
Yes, she most certainly was.

The grunts of lust signaled the finish to the fuck, giving Vanessa only seconds to get out.
She slipped from the room, but with a wicked lick of her lips, she made sure the door
slammed, so the couple inside knew someone caught them. Not that it mattered. Surely
that would be one of many trips to the restroom that night. Did it matter who that
couple was? No, but it took all Vanessa had to not look back at the door opened. She
would rather not know the identity of anyone tonight. Well, maybe the host, but he took
care of his own mask to ensure he would be hidden tonight.

Standing at the bar, Vanessa had the bartender refill her wine glass, but this time, with
water. It would pass for wine to an intoxicated person, plus give her the upper hand to
keep the party in order. That familiar feeling of being watched crept up her spine. A
glance into the mirror behind the bartender fed her the most intoxicating eyes she had

ever seen. His irises as blue as the ocean, she was lost in a hypnotic embrace for a brief
moment. It was like those scenes from a movie. Drawn closer by a glance, all sound
muted as though they were the only two in the room. Straining to blink, the moment her
eyes opened again, he was gone, or was he?

“Penny for those thoughts of yours,” the voice asked.

From behind Vanessa, a voice, that man, whoever he was, sent shivers up and down her
spine. She didn’t need to see him to know who it was. At times in life, you know
someone without ever seeing their face. Vanessa knew this was the stranger who already
had her panty’s damp with lust. Her pulse raced, breathing quickened, but she never
flinched. She didn’t want to move in fear that he was a fantasy she had made up in her

“My thoughts would not be appropriate for a crowded setting. I am more of a private
type of woman,” Vanessa whispered.

Without a word, the male took her hand, leading her to one of the few private rooms.
Brushing against others, her body charged with electricity. Every one of the guests
seemed lost in their own worlds just as she was.

The mysterious man pushed the door to the observation room open, inviting Vanessa
inside. The walls were made of glass, the kind that allowed you to look out, but the
crowd below couldn’t see inside. It was perfect for a voyeur. Vanessa wasted no time to
glance at the party downstairs. Her claim to fame was written all over the smiles of those
below. No one would forget tonight.

Pushed hard against the glass, Vanessa let out a deep moan when the male pressed
against her, flattening her body to the glass. Thankfully, it was security glass, and no
matter how hard of an impact it took, it would not shatter. They would test that theory
out tonight. “Open your legs,” he growled. His hand pushed down to cup her pussy from
behind. Fingers pushed hard against her swollen mound—his other hand pulling the
frilly red undies down and off. Instead of tossing them to the side, he pushed them into
his pants as a trophy for later. Some men collect numbers. For him, he collected the
most intimate item in a woman’s apparel.

He growls against the back of her neck as he forced fingers into her swollen walls. He
parted the delicate folds with force. Not one finger parted her. He plunged three to the
depths of her core. Her breath fogged the glass as she panted in approval. Was it the

events of earlier that set her body on fire, or could it be that her fantasy fuck was the
culprit in this warm rush of lust that pulsated in her veins? From behind, the man
dropped to his knees, his mouth immediately pressed against her lower lips. Swipes of
his tongue over her pouty pussy, he parted her ways with the tip of his tongue. Long
swipes of his oral muscle against her swollen bundle of nerves had Vanessa digging her
fingers into the unpenetrable glass surface.

“Oh fuck,” she cried, not wanting to cum. The tighter she squeezed, the more impossible
it came not to explode all over his face. Her mouth opened as screams of need
demanded she came. With a rush of juices pouring from her core, she came for the first
time. Waves of rapture tore through her body for what seemed like an eternity.

“Now, it’s my turn,” he chuckled. Standing behind Vanessa, one hand kept her face to
the glass as the other fumbled to release his cock from the confines of his pants. Pushed
down, he aligned the thick mushroom head of his cock against her opening, thrusting up
with one fluid motion. Inaudible sounds coming from the male, his hard dick repeatedly
pumped inside of her tight walls, the hold she had was almost as though she was
strangling the shaft. One after another, his cock pushed into her velvet walls with
incredible force. Sounds of his balls slapping against her soaked pussy echoed through
the walls of the small room. As Vanessa watched the party below, this mystery man
pounded his dick deep inside of her dripping pussy. Whimpering, her walls stretched to
take every inch of him inside, screaming each time he bottomed out.

“You’re a dirty fucking bitch,” he growled, his cock swelling inside of her. Vanessa knew
he was close, but when she began her descent, his cock exploded inside of her, flooding
her pussy with his seed. Rope after rope of cum blasting deep inside of her pussy walls.
No sooner had he came than he was gone. In a quick exit, he left her standing against
the glass with cum rushing from between her legs and the thoughts of who this man
was. After a quick clean up, Vanessa returned to the party but never found the man in
the mask.

Two days later, opening her email, Vanessa sat back in her chair in a state of shock.
Sebastian St. Clair’s email praised her work and contained a picture of her own panty
attached with a note.

“Vanessa, I need you to find the owners of these panties. We had a brief moment at the
party, and she left me unable to forget her. I’m sure you can find her for me. I have faith
in your discretion and ability to bring me my dirty little Cinderella of the ball.”

Author: A.J. Luna

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