Saving Grace Inside

Sample inside. Adult content. 18 +

“Stop yer fucking whimpers,” warned Frank.

Tears rushed down her face, staining her cheeks with a trail of tears. It hurt to take it all, but she could do it. She could take all of him. Gypsy might be 17, but she was earning her ranks in the escort business. As quickly as it started, it stopped. She heard the text come through his phone. Was he going to play on the phone during this?

“Get the fuck up and lay on the bed. Open yer legs wide enough that a heel touches each side of the bed. Then take those panties and stuff them in that cock hole. I can’t have you screaming and the heat busting down the door,” Frank ordered.

She did as told. It was her nature to please, and she’s good at it. What happened next put scars of fear all over her body. He muted her so she couldn’t refuse him anything. Between her legs, his phone sat, ready for whatever he had planned. The revolver he carried in his hand used his fingers to part her pussy lips, pushing the barrel of the loaded weapon inside of her sealed entrance. It was not enough to pop that cherry, but far enough that she had to stop the screams from coming. Was he going to fuck her with the weapon? That cold steel was stretching her little hole open to fit snug around it. In her wildest dreams, she could never imagine this happening to her.

“Now, here’s the deal. You rub that clit and masturbate for me. You make one sound while I’m on the phone, and I blow that fucking cunt away. Got it?” Frank said.

She nodded fast, her slender fingers pressing against the tiny package of nerves. Frank’s phone rang, but she never stopped. She massaged her pussy. The walls were slickened with juices. What the hell was wrong with her?

“Babe, what is it? A fucking boy? About goddamn time I got a boy. Sorry, I had to go out of town, you know work though. Always needing me somewhere.” Frank said.


6 thoughts on “Saving Grace Inside

  1. Usually the cinema paints us scenes with the barrel of a gun in the vagina, as a personal apocalypse for the owner of this vagina. In the same scene, a young woman manages to enjoy the presence of a cold hard barrel inside her. I don’t know how realistic it can be, but I strongly doubt that I can enjoy such a barbaric method.


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