Valentine’s surprise

Fantasy Smut Friday #79

Jamie had never in her wildest of dreams thought she would be sitting on an airplane the day before Valentine’s day going to meet someone she had never even seen. She met him online through a friend who swore they would be perfect for each other. Both of them were guarded when it came to relationships. All that was supposed to happen was maybe a little online flirting, some cybersex, and a couple of phone sex calls. That’s where the story went all wrong, or right, depending on how you look at the situation. Right now, she thought herself to be a full-blown lunatic, but god, she was falling so hard for the person on the other side of the messages. To make matters more confusing, they decided that they wouldn’t share a picture. If and when they met, that would be the first time they laid eyes on each other. Some would call it romantic, and others, they would say they teetered on insanity.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the plane will be landing in fifteen minutes. Please put the chair in an upright position and fasten the seatbelts,” the voice said over the loudspeaker.

Her stomach was in knots. What the hell was she doing meeting this man. Was she insane? Probably, but online was the way most people met these days. As the plane taxied in, she texted him that she was there but had obtained a hotel room for the night. Since it was the first time they would meet, she wanted to do it where they could both leave without someone in a dangerous position if anything went wrong. After checking out the suites online, Jamie made sure the room had one thing. Her addiction to bubble baths was something she needed to indulge in tonight. The room she arranged had an oversized tub in front of a floor to ceiling window overlooking the city. Well, that was what the description said. The moment she checked in, she was not disappointed. It was hard to tip the bellboy without stripping her clothes off and diving into the bath.

“I have arrived at the hotel. There is a key for you at the front desk. I will be in the bath but feel free to come when you’re ready. I ordered us dinner in so we can get to know each other in private,” she texted.

With a quick toss of her bag on the bed, she pulled out the bubble bath on the counter, smiling the moment she saw it. Peaches and cream was her favorite scent, and this place didn’t disappoint. The hotel was perfect. There were even candles around the tub for added romance, but this wasn’t for a romantic interlude. She needed to unwind and relax before he arrived. As the tub filled with bubbly scalding hot water, she lit the candles and stripped naked in front of the pane glass window. She was on the top floor, so the only thing that could peek was a helicopter, and she was sure they had tinted the glass for exhibitionists like her.

As the snow fell outside, Jamie slipped into the tub, wincing at the heat of the water. She did love it when her skin burned from the temperature of the water. Maybe she was insane after all. Who wanted to be boiled alive? What if he hated her or thought she was unattractive. She knew she wasn’t, well, according to the man at the airport, she was hot as hell. Chestnut brown hair to her waist, eyes the shade of the ocean, and a body that could only be called fun-sized, she was a good catch. The only thing she might change is her 34 B tits. They were perky but smaller than most men enjoyed. Overthinking was a curse and often kept her from nights like tonight. No matter the compliments from strangers, she always worried that she would never be good enough.

Shadows of snowflakes putting on a show outside the window, her exhaustion finally won out. Closing her eyes, Jamie never heard the sound of the door opening. She thought that she would be out of the water and dressed before he arrived. She lost track of time watching mother nature put on a show as she encased the city in a blanket of white.

Breathing softly, Jamie peeked through sealed lids, shocked at the figure’s appearance in the window. It was not on the outside, and she was no longer alone. A small smile creased her lips but soon left. She was naked in front of a stranger or was he a stranger. They had spoken for three months, learning about each other’s wants and needs. Each of them spilling out secrets that they had never told anyone before.

“Close your eyes and keep them closed,” he whispered. Advancing closer, the other person knelt at the edge of the tub, hands wrapping around her small frame. He winced at the temperature of the water, smirking because she seemed like a sadist when it came to certain things. The next thing she felt was his lips on the side of her neck, causing her to moan out in approval. Like most women, her neck was the key to her panties.

“Oh, god,” she whispered. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Both agreed that the first night would just be getting to know each other without anything sexual happening. She was already breaking their rules.

He slid his hand down her chest, fingers rolling her nipples until they strained as they stiffened. Jamie was biting her inner cheek to the point she felt blood filling her mouth. The copper staining her tongue, she reached her soapy hands out, wrapping them around the rim of the tub. Jamie was giving up. If this is how he wanted to play, she will allow him to indulge in her body. After all, they weren’t strangers, were they?

His hands traveled down her body, now fully engulfed to his elbows, his fingers massaged the soft lips of her smooth pussy. She might have been underwater, but there is a different feel to a saturated pussy and wet skin. She was drenched.

“Oh fuck, please don’t stop,” she growled as her back arched to buck her hips against his fingers. His skilled fingers parting her lips, he searched and found her swollen bundle of nerves, circling the small nub like a skilled lover. She was sure he was the way he came in and took charge without her permission. They spoke many times about her being submissive, but the first time it happens, there is an awakening that you never see coming.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

His finger diving lower, he pushed into her cunt, curling his fingers the moment he was inside. The water from the tub spilling out, she held tight to the side of the bath, riding two fingers as he twisted to insert a third. Crying out, she had not had sex in quite a while, and even two fingers felt like he was stretching her to capacity. Three, she cried out in an electrifying ripple of pleasure. Jamie never planned on cumming, but her body was shamefully greedy. Screaming out in pleasure, her body bucking against his hand, she came with a blinding force that submerged her fully in the water. God, she was willing to drown, never to allow this feeling to stop inside of her.

As she rode the orgasm to completion, she never noticed the man slip away from the tub, but she did hear the door open, and a different man walks into the room.

“Jamie, is that you? Sorry. I thought you would be done with your bath by now.”

That hotel knew how to deliver the perfect room service.

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