As of late I have asked myself, what the hell are you doing here? I am all over the place in the stories I post. I am a fiction writer and allow my mind to set the pace for whatever I write that day, but I’ve been all over the board here. When checking my stats, I’ve noticed that my Kitten Stories get 3 times the views and the likes.

My question is, should I focus on one area or allow my mind to roam as it has? I want to increase my reader base, so that is the burning question of the day. How the heck to you increase your subscriptions and readers. I have written here for 16 months, and I only have 233 subscriptions. I want to share with more, but not sure how to make that happen. Any suggestions are helpful.

Come Little Kitten 4

kitten stories

I shook as my body pushed back into the leather seat. It was the first time it scared me enough to cry. I know tears are a weakness, but I am only human under all this glitz and glamour. “I didn’t know until now. I thought I was doing what you wanted, but now that I have thought about it, I know I should never have indulged in the pleasure,” I said. I could do nothing to change what happened, but now I know that I am not to enjoy the act when Master sends me into a room with another. It was a mistake that would never happen again.

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