Come little Kitten pt. 2

Precisely twelve minutes later, the car pulled to the front of the store, the driver quickly exiting to let us out. During the drive, I performed my duties as his kitten. Master’s cock is well pleased and cleaned, and his head clear of all his work-related clutter. A speck of cum on my cheek would remain as a reward for a job well done. I do love it when he shows off the product of his explosion. I wear his mark with pride.

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A dream, or was it?

Damp lashes matted together, no sleep for the wicked, or is that no rest? Either or, day three of the sandman’s absence took a toll on not only the body but the mind. You see things when the body lacks a vital need to survive. “nope, I won’t allow you to come. Not tonight, not ever,” she whispered to the dark circles that formed beneath her eyes. If she sleeps, he comes and steals another piece of her flesh. It started with the bite, then a scratch deep within her core, and now, he was stealing tiny slivers of skin each time she closed her eyes. His talent to wash her brain with all the pain that darkened his door placed her in a chokehold without binds.

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