Come Little Kitten 3

I stood dumbfounded, looking in the mirror as I listened to the exchange. Did Master sell me for thirty minutes for a new outfit? I know this man has more money than God, so why barter for a free item that I will wear for one night? By the smug look on the woman’s face, he most certainly did!

“Undress for me,” she demanded.

I was shaking the moment Mistress Raven took a seat in the dressing room. She was stunning, but my mind swirled with the fact that I was sold. The last time he sent me off with another couple, did he take payment from them as well? A rupture of emotions flooded my body as I released the buttons on the gown. Sliding the pink lace from my body, I didn’t bother to ask if it should be arranged on a hanger. I know that already.

“I have thirty minutes, do not doddle around. You are annoying me,” Mistress said, her hand reaching up, giving my long hair a quick yank.

I released a small yelp. The pleasure on her face let me know Mistress enjoyed causing me pain. I, on the other hand, hate my hair pulled. I know I have no rights here, but it’s a trigger of mine. Master knows he is allowed to break it, but this woman had no right to touch me like that.

“Oh, does that hurt?” she said. Raven held it tight with a quick yank of another strand of hair, pulling and releasing the tension. Back and forth, she wrapped the single lock around her finger before pulling it out from the root.

“Ouch! Please, anything but that. I don’t like my hair pulled,” I whispered.

One quick deafening strike across my cheek, her hand left a welt on my perfect ivory flesh. I wear many things with pride. This mark wouldn’t be one of them. Reacting, my hand touching my cheek, I watch her face with wonder. Why would she do this? Master never touches my face as she did.

The woman gave me a smirk as she adjusted her pencil skirt before sitting on the small wooden bench in the corner of the room. Holding out her hand, in the palm, rested the key. That key was my kryptonite. I wanted to smash it into a billion pieces, but that would keep me locked away forever. I watched her hand sway back and forth. For the first time, I almost dreaded being released. With a single digit, she beaconed me forward, the key fitting perfectly into the lock. A turn to the right, and she released me from the confines of those torturous panties. I won’t lie, the moment they fell, I felt free. So free that I contemplated running from the store in all my glory and never returning. The only reason my feet stayed glued to the floor was the fact that Master was waiting, and leaving him was impossible for me.

Mistress Raven stood without warning, pushed my naked body against the shockingly cold mirror. She kept me from moving. I watched in the mirror, and she simulated a fuck, her hand sliding down my body between, raking nails over my flesh. She didn’t stop until her fingers parted my pussy lips, slowly stroking the outer labia. I wanted to close my eyes, but the curiosity got the better of me. Mistress Raven was fucking me from behind with an invisible cock, yet her fingers explored my pussy like a pianist writing his masterpiece.

“Shhh, if you make a noise, he will hear you. Do you realize how much disappointment he will have that a woman got his Kitten to spill her milk?” she whispered into my ear.

I never thought of this as being disrespectful or wrong. No, how could it be? He gave her the key and thirty minutes of playtime. I’m sure that he knew she would make me cum, or was it supposed to be the other way around. Was I the one who was to make her scream in ecstasy? I’m so confused, but that didn’t stop the cream from running down my inner thighs. In a trickle of deceit, my pussy overflowed and poured out, the scent of warm cunt filling the small room. It wasn’t earth shattering or mind blowing, but it was overwhelming. I suddenly wondered if the reason I didn’t scream out was that I knew that the pet waiting at home would be the one to have Master tonight?

Mistress Raven removed her hand, bringing it to my face, and smearing my juices all over my lips and under my nose. For the remainder of the day, I would have to taste and smell my horrible sin.

Mistress stood, hiked her skirt up, and sat back down with her legs spread wide after checking her watch. She exposed her smooth cunt to me, snapping her fingers and pointing to the ground. Of course, I dropped down, my mouth salivating as I waited to dive my tongue between her soft fold. I do love the taste of another woman, and her pussy was magnificent. The lips smooth, light pink, and already seeping a small amount of decedent honey. Like a bee waiting for the Queen, I watched for her signal to indulge.


Her fingers rubbed together, and I moved in slowly, keeping my eyes on hers the entire time. My lips are making love to the velvet folds of her perfect pussy with a soft kiss to the delicate petals. Long stroked of my tongue up and down the outer lips, dying to dip in for a taste of the pot. God, she had a lovely cunt. Parting them slowly, the tip of my tongue pointed as though a serpent guided me. I dug deep inside of her pussy for the taste of her real reward. Even the innermost confines felt as though my tongue dipped into a raw vat of honey. I slurped, my entire mouth stretching to cover her as though I was her shield against the world, her sweet hole quivered around my tongue.

“Eat it. Fucking make me cum,” she demanded. Her hand in the back of my hair, she smashed my face into her dripping pussy, cumming all over my face. As the walls spilled, I fought to breathe. Each time I tried, the fluid-filled my nose, leaving me gasping for air. God, she was drowning me in her cum, and if that were the way I went, I would go a happy woman. She tasted like the last peach of summer on the hottest day of the year. Euphoric!

“Times up. Get dressed NOW!” Master demanded.

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