Come little Kitten pt. 2

Precisely twelve minutes later, the car pulled to the front of the store, the driver quickly exiting to let us out. During the drive, I performed my duties as his kitten. Master’s cock is well pleased and cleaned, and his head clear of all his work-related clutter. A speck of cum on my cheek would remain as a reward for a job well done. I do love it when he shows off the product of his explosion. I wear his mark with pride.

I exited the car second. Master even offered a hand to me. Of course, that would not be the case once I exited the automobile. Instead, he tied a red ribbon around my wrist and walked me in the front door of the elite boutique, other women taking note of the rooster in the hen house. He was not just any cock. He was the one who owned this little kitten.

A woman dressed in a sleek black suit approached, her body confident, but there was a look in her eyes that said it all. Leaning in, she kissed both of his cheeks, pulling back with her eyes never leaving Master. “I see you brought the newest in for us to dress. Tell me, is she a good little kitten?” she asked. Reaching over to where I stood, the female moved her slender digits down my face, caressing me softly. I couldn’t help what happened next. I purred from the touch, shocking both the Mistress and the Master. I will find out later if he is displeased with my actions. It wasn’t a transfer of power but more of a reflex action. I would never disrespect my Master.

“She is a good pet, but she does need some guidance with her clothing. You know what I expect, and the event coming up will require her a new outfit,” he said.

The woman was stunning. Jet black hair pulled into a tight bun, lips pained crimson, and her figure was perfect. Reaching for the ribbon around my wrist, she nodded to Sir, “Go have a seat like a good boy. I will have a drink brought to you while I dress her for you. You will not be disappointed!” she said.

I listened and watched, never seeing a woman of his level speak to Master. Most of us dropped to our knees to serve him, but that was not the case here. He listened and followed her directions like a good boy. Oh god, should I even call him that? A good boy? I don’t think I would ever forgive myself for the disrespect that would cause.

“Mr. James has decided that I am to dress you today. I have a pink lace dress for you to slip on along with a pair of matching ruffled panties,” she said. Leading me into the dressing room, I stood there in front of the mirror, watching as the woman walked around me. She wasn’t dressing me. She was dressing a mannequin. I just happened to be that lifeless form that she would adorn with all the pretties today.

“You will call me, Mistress, and respect me as though I am an extension of Mister James. Do you understand?” she asked.

A simple nod was how I reacted. My eyes kept to the ground out of respect for the woman. Her finger placed under my chin, she slowly lifted my eyes to hers, leaning in and placing a simple kiss on my lips. God, her mouth so soft, she allowed herself to linger for a moment before pulling back. It was then that she slowly undressed me. First, my blouse removed, taking time to slowly release each button, the top placed on a hanger in the small room. We do not toss clothing on the floor. That is for the lower class. Next, she slowly allowed the soft material to expose my perky breasts. The nipples immediately erect from the chill in the air. At this point, I sucked in a deep breath, my body shaking from anticipation.

“I will remove the skirt next, but the panties can remain. I can already smell your heat. What would James say if he knew,” she asked, leaning in and whispering in my ear.

“Please don’t,” I begged. My eyes are filling with tears. The last thing I want is to make him mad. I am so close to being the favorite.

She took a fluffy pink gown from the hanger, slipping it over my head. It was ruffles and lace, and unlike anything, I have ever worn. The panties next, she slipped the ruffled material over my own, but when she adjusted them, her fingers moved to my pussy, discouraged by the chastity that Master applied. Shaking her head, I knew the way her demeanor changed that she was disappointed.

“Slip the shoes on. You will have stockings when we finish, but not right now. I know your size already,” she snapped.

I was terrible, and I knew it. But if I could defend myself, I would explain my hate for this device, but it’s not my choice. The Master is the one who makes the rules. Not me. She yanked the red ribbon, walking from the room as I followed. I never said another word. It was not my place.

“James, you took away all my fun. Why cover this girl?” she asked.

Twirling his finger, he wanted me to turn and show off the outfit, his eyes Taking in every inch of my body. “We’ll take this. She will be the belle of the ball,” he laughed. “Raven, return her in thirty minutes. You’ll comp the outfit for her time,” he said, tossing the woman the key. “Time starts now!”

Part 2 of 4

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