The Zoom Rendezvous – Pandemic Edition

“How long are we going to play this game?” he asked.

Typing, I sent an emoji with a big smirk, knowing this had been going on a month now, and all the guy wanted was some zoom time. Dating during a pandemic was impossible, and masturbation was always better when mutual. Fluttering My lips, I put him off once again. What could I say this time? Period? I used that one last week, and the week before, I told him that my parents were visiting. Why was it so hard for me to show myself on camera?

Five-foot tall, 103 pounds, there was nothing wrong with my appearance. Some would even say I was flawless, but a dread caused the pit of my stomach to tighten. My tits weren’t large or small. A perfect 34 B, and my pussy, that was as bald as the day I was born. A monthly trip to the spa to have it waxed was well worth the pain after. So what was it that caused me to run each time he asked? Maybe it was trust. What if he took screenshots and showed them? Or worse, a video. All I could imagine was all over Instagram, there would be pictures of my pussy as I finger fucked myself.

“Alright! Tonight we can do this, but I swear to god if you show anyone, I’m going to beat your ass,” I said. My voice was filling with nervous laughter, I meant it, though. Even though they were in the same city, this is what the world in 2021. The pandemic was ruining her sex life. “9 pm, and seriously, I’ve never done anything like this, so let’s keep it to ourselves, okay?” I said.

“Alright. I swear to you on the name of all these children I am going to lose tonight that I will never tell a soul that you showed on video, okay?” he said. “You’re too paranoid about this shit. It’s only sex,” he added.

I laughed nervously but agreed. I was scared about it but too horny to deny him a little peep show. I needed to prepare for the zoom rendezvous tonight. I put clean sheets on my bed, a little mood lighting, and my toy out and ready for use. I giggled the moment I cleaned it. Would he judge me for my choice of sexual aids? A seven-inch black glass dildo. It’s slender, with no ridges, but the way glass feels sliding in and out takes me to unbelievable orgasmic bliss.

At promptly 9 pm I waited. My bed ready, the camera on, and my robe is resting on my shoulders. When his face popped up, the pit of my stomach ached with excitement. He is attractive, maybe too beautiful if that’s even possible. That man could be on the cover of a magazine, but there he sat naked with the biggest cock I have ever seen. Tall, dark, and handsome, he was perfect in every way.

“I almost thought you wouldn’t show,” he said.

“I promised I would, but remember what I said, okay?” she warned.

His hand stroking over the thick vein filled shaft of his cock, he smirked but gave a small nod. Each time his hand worked up his dick, the head swelled, dribbling out a small amount of pre-cum. Slapping the tip against his hand, smiling, “I bet you want to lick this shit, don’t you?”

With a sudden burst of confidence, I pushed the robe down, revealing my nudity to him. I propped herself up on a couple of fuzzy pink pillows, slowly opening my legs to give him a peek at the hardwood floor. I have a pretty little pussy. I’m not too shy to admit that my cunt is magnificent. The pale pink lips glistening before even touched, and my clit ached already. As I moved my hand down my slender frame, right above my lips, I formed a V with my fingers, slowly pulling the seal apart, exposing the deeper pink inside. “and I bet you want to lick this, don’t you?” I said. My eyes smoldered looking at the camera, bringing my hand down, slapping my wet lips with a deafening sound. My entire body radiated a heat that raced through my veins. God, where did this confidence come from?

I watched as his hand stroked the glistening shaft of his massive dick, the head now bubbling with globs of fluid. He was right. I wanted to wrap my mouth around the head and swallow him whole. Watching him made me salivate for just one taste of that sweet cream that I knew bubbled inside of his balls. I closed my eyes for a minute, my hand reaching for the dildo that laid next to me on a pillow. Bringing it to my lips, licking up and down the cold hard shaft, I watched his face grow intense. I slid the head down. The tip drew circles around my erect nipples. God, I wanted to feel his cock plunging in and out of my wet snatch, but this would have to fulfill that need right now.

“Push that shit in. Let me hear you fuck yourself for me,” he said.

With a smirk, I pushed the head in, pulling back to give him a view of my pussy spread. I needed it so fucking bad. Inch by inch, the cock slide inside of my wet pussy, not stopping until I was overstuffed with cock. His hand pumping furiously on his cock, I worked the dick in and out my tight cunt, the juices ran down the crack of my ass, wetting the sheets below. Aching, my hips bucked up, the cock deep inside of me, I was just about to cum when the worst thing in the world happened. The room went dark. The entire city went black—a power outage right in the middle of my zoom rendezvous. No worries. I finished in the dark and decided tomorrow. I am breaking quarantined and going to fuck that man. Sometimes you need to live on the edge.

This was done for FantasySmutFriday @ Forbidden Writings.

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