Come little Kitten 1 of 4

Part 1 of 4

The first time out in public as a full-time Kitten was shocking for me. I feared the looks, names, and anger, but the envied look in other’s eyes was astonishing. It was a simple shopping trip that turned into an unbelievable sexual experience. Maybe it was the way I dressed that caught the attention of others, or it could be that a silk bow around my neck tied neatly to the side was the attraction. I’ve never been one to be shocked by the words of others, but today would be the day I slipped from my shell and into the world of fetish.

Neatly laid on my bed were a short black skirt, a fuzzy pink sweater that fits like a second skin, and boots. Not any boots. They were fuzzy ones that came to my knee. As I stood in front of the old mirror in my room, a small smile creased my lips. I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me. Not diverting my attention from the mirror, I kept my gaze off the tall figure that joined me from behind. Master simply pulled my long dark tresses to the side, placing a silky pink ribbon around my neck. I watched as he tied it at my neck, making sure the ribbon hanged at the same length on either side. He was a perfectionist, and she was his muse for the moment. A brisk heartbeat fluttered in my chest. The man in the mirror enamors me.

“We are going shopping today,” he said as he reached for the hairbrush on the vanity table. It was one of the possessions that came with the room. Delicate silver inlays, the handle slender and conformed perfectly to the hand. If there was an object, I found beauty within. It was merely a brush. Soft strokes to my hair, this was the first time that Master took it upon himself to groom his kitten. I immediately felt intoxicated from his touch. Almost in a purr, I whimpered, eyes closing as a rush of emotions traveled throughout my entire being. Something as simple as getting my hair brushed was as sensual as a sexual experience.

“Open your eyes,” he said.

“Yes, Master,” whispering, my voice never once raised above his. I wanted to fall back into his arms and have him rip the chastity belt from my body, but I knew the truth. He was grooming me for a show. A pet is always kept in perfect condition when taken for a stroll, and today, he planned on letting the world know that I was his property.

“Come with me, now,” he said.

Without hesitation, I followed as my owner walked from the room. Three steps behind, I stopped when he stopped, waiting as the door opened, noticing the car in the front of his home. A limousine awaited us, the driver not looking in my direction as I entered the vehicle. I know my place, and on the floor, I waited. The seats are for him, never for me. I am not worthy of such a luxury. My hands rested in my lap. Head bowed as the care accended, there was a fear growing deep inside of my being. I feared the scowls of others more than the discipline of my owner. My head rested on his knee and returned calls, emails sent, and alcohol consumed. He petted me softly, always reminded me of his presence. When the conversations got heated, his hand took a larger grasp, twisting the tresses that he so meticulously groomed earlier.

“We will be shopping for new outfits for you today. You will try them on, walk to the middle of the store, and model them for me,” he said between drinks of his beverage. “You will cause a stir in the shop, but you will never divert your attention from me. I am the only one in the room. Do you understand?” he asked.

I nodded—no words needed for this. If this is what the Master wanted, then this is what he would get. I am here because of him, not the other way around.

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