Red light

“Vanessa, you have an appointment with Mr. Red shoes. Information is on the fax machine.”

He was his usual Monday self. Cheerful and full of life. Who am I kidding? The Man has the personality of dry toast. He did run a tight office, though. He knew how to get the girl’s appointments and make sure the client was always happy. I will give him that much credit. I grabbed the paper on my way to the lounge. There was nothing that stood out in the requirements he had for today. Red shoes, red dress, hair in a bun, and arrive at 8 pm—nothing to curl my toes or make me jump for joy. My crush was long over for this Man.

Following the instructions, I arrived at the hotel around 7:55 pm. His room was always the same. Room 419. A creature of habit that Man was. Checking the mirror as I walked to the elevator. The shimmer from those red heels danced in the ultraviolet lights of the lobby. A fitted red dress clung to my small frame, while the most significant thing that caught my eyes was the crimson smear on my lips. Not one for expensive lipsticks, I had this one gifted to me for Christmas. It has actual flakes of diamond dust in it. Eat your heart out, Kylie Jenner. My lips are stunning.

A few knocks on the door, and he called for me to enter. I never use his name because, honestly, he is just the red shoe Man.  

I tossed my bag on the entry table. The first thing I noticed was the room was dark. Usually, the tv would be on to some political show or be on the phone with his wife. I often thought he did that to piss me off. Maybe it was how he was with all the girls he fucked. Since getting married, he has not been the same. Always angry and frustrated when I get there. I must admit that pleases me more than it should. His misery is my happiness.

“Get undressed, except for the shoes. Everything, and leave your hair up, or I will chop it off.”

I started to undress out of habit, not fear. He didn’t scare me. I knew underneath the facade; he was a small boy with commitment issues. Standing at the end of the bed, my normal 5ft 4 frame was four inches taller from the heel’s spike. I must have stood for about 10 minutes before he spoke again to me. It was impossible to endure this. I knew I was being paid, but I was going insane with not knowing what happened for the love of God.

“My wife left. She took the baby with her. She won’t be back. I should never have married a good woman when all I think about is a whore.”

My hands behind my back, fingers linked with each other, how could I look away from him? He was saying that he wanted me. I knew he was lying. Men do that when they want something. He tried to cause me the pain he felt from his loss. I guess that’s when I broke. One last tear ran down my face, but I wouldn’t leave. I was that whore. A good whore, to be exact.

“How can I help you?”

He rose to his feet without speaking, yanked the cord on the lamp to come out of both the wall and the light. He would bind my hands with this. Wrap the line tight around my joined fists, and make sure that it was tight. Palming my head, he pushed me down hard. My head rested at my knees.

Look up at me whore! I want to see the pretty face I am going to destroy.”

Eyes up, my mouth opened wide to take his cock in the warmth of my oral cavity. He didn’t even wait for me to lick over the mushroom head. Nope, that cock pushed down my throat till his balls kissed my chin. I dug my nails into my palms, choking, the saliva poured from my mouth. His cock was angry tonight, and my throat would take the abuse. Unable to breathe for a moment, I couldn’t even form screams. My body lurched to take a breath. He was withholding my air from me. The moment I thought I would pass out, did he allow me a breath.

“Why are you doing this to me? I am not your wife.”

Slapping his cock against my cheek, he ordered me to open my mouth. I did, of course, but when he spit on my tongue, I thought I would vomit. I have licked assholes, but this was vile. Growling, I wrapped my lips around the head, the tip of my tongue now fucking his piss hole. In and out of the tiny slit, this Man oozed a thick stream of pre-cum. Sweet, the fluid poured into my mouth like a river of lust. My teeth on the rim made sure he couldn’t move, even though I would never hurt him. I was a nasty bitch.

A firm slap to the side of my head released my teeth from what they grasped, though I knew he liked it. I knew he wanted my throat more than he had ever wanted anything. All that fluid doesn’t lie. He can say I am a liar, but the proof was pooled up on the curl of my tongue. A puddle of shame rested in my mouth, well, until I looked up and spat in his face. Spat that shit right in the middle of his forehead. I was sure I would be fired for this, but I didn’t care. He should respect women as more than someone to get his dick off.

“You fucking slut! How dare you do that to me. I will own you.”

Grabbing my bun, dragging me to the bed, I bent over the corner of the mattress. Ass up in the air, I bit the mattress when I realized what was going to happen. Pressing the head to the anal entrance, he shoved full length inside of me. I tried not to scream, but couldn’t stop. Even the fabric of the comforter couldn’t hold all the noise back. I knew I would bleed on him, but he didn’t care. His brutal assault on my asshole was payback for spitting on him. Thrusting the shaft into my core, I could even feel the veins pushing against my anal cavity. He had to feel as though his cock was strangled each time he forced himself into me.

“You dirty fucking bitch. I will ruin you.”

I felt the grip of his fingers on my hips as he rammed this cock repeatedly into my asshole, breaking down the walls. It was a few minutes before the tears stopped, but he didn’t. I watched the clock on the wall. Twenty-five minutes passed before he pulled out of me. He hadn’t come through. Once again, using my hair as a handle, he would finish in my mouth. Finish that blood covered cock in my mouth. Raping my throat with his cock, he pushed in one last time and emptied his balls into the back of my throat. A thick splash of cum filled my mouth with the salty contents of his nut sack. Choking me with the intense amount he had to spill.

Releasing me, he dressed and left. He told me to keep the room for the night. Make myself at home there, and then he tossed a few hundred on the bed as a tip. No matter the amount of money he paid me, he would always be someone I use to know.

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