Kitten Training ~ Feeding time

Master locked me away for hours while he played with his pet. My ear to the door, I listened to him fucking her as my heart twisted in pain. She screamed, he came, and the tears fell from my eyes. I had fallen in love with a man who would never be mine. The sorrow of a kitten runs deep, but for a moment in his lap, I would give my last breath. I am a devoted little sub who wants nothing more than a pat on the head, a warm bowl of milk, and the attention of her Master. 

“I hear you out there breathing,” he laughed from the other side of the door. 

A sigh escaped. Master knew that I listened. All I could see was the smug look on the face of his pet as she laid in his bed shaking from his last orgasm. Of course, it would be inside of her. She was a goddamn thief taking what I wanted so badly. I pushed myself back against the wall, sliding down until I landed in a heap on the floor. I heard the giggle on the other side of the door. My lips pulled to a full pout. I was such a tame Kitten, so why did he do this to me? The reason was simple. I was his property, and what he said was law. Every good girl learns this the hard way, but what they take from it can save their life. The world I live in is my choice alone. No one forced me, and if I am candid, I love it. 

As the door slowly opened and the other girl left, she looked at me sitting there and nodded to enter the room—no words needed, just a simple nod of the head. Stay low to the ground, my hands and knees in the form of travel. I knew I was wrong for what I did, so I assume punishment would come swiftly. I deserved everything he would dish out. 

“On the pillow, little one,” he said. 

I followed his orders, crawling to my fluffy pink pillow. My eyes strayed to the floor in shame of my wanton behavior. Jealousy is a green-eyed beast, and I forgot mine was blue. 

His hand to the back of my head, petting me like the perfect kitten. He stroked my hair, his fingers knotted in the silken strands. A quick yank back silenced my contentment. My eyes focused on the ceiling; my entire body shook as he spoke. Fear and regret the two emotions that ate away at my soul. 

“Bend over in front of me. Your head is the pillow, and your ass presented to me for my use. If you notice,” he stopped, taking a sip of the amber-colored fluid in the cup, “The chastity was designed for me always to have access to your asshole!”

Have you ever had that chill that started at the base of your spine and worked its way into a full-body shake? I have now. Lust in the form of grains of sand rushed against my skin, only scratching the surface but penetrating the soul each time he spoke. His voice even, the tone firm, I can’t breathe when he speaks. My heart races as to an astronomical rate.

“Yes, Master. I fully understand,” I whisper.

Moving the pillow with my body, I kneel in front of him, my head on the floor, and my hands pulling apart my ass cheeks. I know this routine. Though never used for punishment, he has used my ass in the past. I will never tell him I love it because if he stops, I will get no attention at all. 

Instead of lube, a glob of saliva hit my ass just as his cock pushed into the opening of my asshole. One thrust as he was balls deep inside of my ass, his balls pressed against the chastity device. I couldn’t help the screaming. My asshole felt as though he split me in two. Cries of fury and pain bounced from wall to wall as his cock pounded into me with an aggressive rampage of rage. Tears pouring down my face as the door opened and in front of me sat in a sterling silver bowl filled with cum his pet had expelled from her cunt. Well, not all his cum. Some of it was hers. She squatted over the bowl and removed all he had left behind. My dinner for the evening, well, most of it at least. He would leave his cum covered cock for me to clean later. . 

My head now in the bowl, licking up all my milk. Each thrust into my cavity pushed my face deeper into the lust-filled bowl. As I took my last drop, he finished his. A kitten does what her Master wants with no regrets. I am always a good little kitty. 

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