Come little Kitten 1 of 4

Part 1 of 4

The first time out in public as a full-time Kitten was shocking for me. I feared the looks, names, and anger, but the envied look in other’s eyes was astonishing. It was a simple shopping trip that turned into an unbelievable sexual experience. Maybe it was the way I dressed that caught the attention of others, or it could be that a silk bow around my neck tied neatly to the side was the attraction. I’ve never been one to be shocked by the words of others, but today would be the day I slipped from my shell and into the world of fetish.

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The Owl

She stretched out on the dirty old ground. Her chin rested on her folded hands. An army of ants marching by, in her head, she could hear their steps as the Queen led the way. “One, two, three, four, forward march,” said the muscular insect behind her Majesty, The Queen. Her feet stirring, she marched along with them, eyes never leaving the tiny soldiers. They had wars to fight, a dynasty to save, and food to forage. Ants are the hardest working creatures on the planet. 

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