Was it real, or a fantasy?

Written for Fantasy Smut Friday – Something worth sharing

A simple coffee during a rainstorm, or was it fate? When I plopped into the small cafe around the corner from my house, I never anticipated meeting someone. It was the last thing I wanted. Just getting out of a messy relationship, I was taking a year’s sabbatical from dating. Well, that was the plan, at least.

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She’s tired

How can you tell that you’re truly broke? Is there a rage inside of our souls that drives us to the brink of insanity? Or, could it be that the river of tears the flow from your eyes abruptly stop, and the laughter beings. Not a childlike laugh of happiness, but that screech from the clown at the carnival type. One where the head falls back, and the lips involuntarily move. That’s when you can tell that you’re off your rocker bat shit crazy. You’ve lost it.

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