The Princess

From the window of her palace, the Princess slid down the trellis, not stopping until her feet hit the dirt. Inside, the walls of that home held the screams of a soul the world forgot. She cried for help, yet the staff huddled in the corner, laughing at the selfish little waif. Did everyone know the secret to her pain and allow the merciless dragon to destroy her? Her eyes drawn up for one last look, the Queen’s shadow playing on the wall, a drink in hand, she danced the night away as she rejoiced in the glory that she finally had the King all to herself.

A.J. Luna

She waited

The last pew on the left, the wood is so worn from years of prayer, there sat a soul so tattered that she screamed internally every time she walked into the hallowed halls. Hands resting on the dilapidated bible, it was a gift on the day she took her first communion in that very church. The faint scent of incense moved through the building like a gloomy June fog. Her nose burning the moment she took the first inhale of the sweet aroma. A mixture of heaven and hell, she slumped at the shoulders, awaiting his visit like a man awaits his walk through the green mile.

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Pull the strings

He drove the last of his words straight through her heart, never wavering on the depth of her pain. Not stopping until the stream of life ceased to flow, and the only thing left was his ability to bring her to life. Each night before the show, he tangled the doll’s lines that he kept in the corner of his soul. None the wiser that when he pulled strings and made the rags dance in the wind, their claps were not for the life of the soul trapped inside of the marionette, but for the puppeteer that brought her to life.

A.J. Luna

Wishing on stars

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may. I wish I might get the wish, I wish tonight. Standing in the cold, her eyes to the heavens above, she took the moment to allow the wonders of the Universe to seep into her lost soul. A simple star, a burning ball of gas, held all of her childhood hopes and dreams. If for a moment in time, she remembered how it felt to ask God above to grant her a single wish. This year all I want is for the pain of the world to heal.

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Sinful dreams ~ 100 words

Moans of rapture tore from her throat, his touch once again bringing her to the pinnacle of lust. Nails embedded in flesh, they would match her own. Every inch of her body now drenched with his wicked desires. She knew nothing more than to be consumed by the needs she hid from the world. Eyes closed, on the inside of her lids, the story played on like a movie on the big screen. His hands her own, she fought the craving, but he flooded her with fears of his sadistic mind once again. She would drown in a puddle of sin.

A.J. Luna