Stones to cast ~ 100 words

She watched through rose-colored glasses at the destruction he caused with words alone. He sat behind the computer screen and threw insults, slurs, and hate to all that didn’t understand his pain. He was the bully whose only ammunition was the scathing fury of words he built in his own mind. Screams of pain from the victims along the way each carried a new mark of self-destruction. If sticks and stones can break your bones, how come words can’t hurt you? Alone in her head, she finally watched as the last blow destroyed the imaginary world where she found her peace.

A.J. Luna

2 thoughts on “Stones to cast ~ 100 words

  1. Words can be very powerful. Take us for instance. How many times have you checked your stats after posting a new blog post? Do you really want honest feedback from your readers or do you secretly want and need positive words to justify the work you just did? I do. I’ll admit it.

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