Kitten Training ~ Bath time

In the privacy of my room, I watched the mirror for any signs of life. My mouth’s still stained with residue from earlier in the day. I could still taste that girl on my lips. Sweet with a hint of copper, she had a delicious flavor. I never noticed the creak of the door but did feel the presence of another in the room. It was the shared air that got my attention right away. I knew it was not Master who had joined me. His scent was one that intoxicated me the moment I was in his presence. My visitor was female and smelled of fuck.

“What do you want?” I whispered, my eyes still on the remnants of a beautiful woman in the mirror. This woman got what I begged for, and here she stood with the look of smugness on her face. Was she the cat that ate the canary, or just a pet wanting the role of Master’s Kitten? As the sun filtered in through the blinds, I noticed the dangle of a key from her finger. My key, well, the key to the chastity device that now held me hostage.

“I am to take that off for 30 minutes. You can bathe, but I must wash with you. Master is allowing you to cum in that time, but not by your own hands. I am to make your orgasm, and in thirty minutes, if you haven’t, you will get 30 days of restriction,” she laughed. “Come here, and I will release you. A bath already awaits you,” she said.

I don’t know if I should be relieved, but I am. I wanted nothing more than to get off, but not with this woman. The moment the device was off, the clock started. I almost ran to the tub, slipping down in the warm bubbles. You never realize how constricting something is until you have to wear it all the time. The pet joined me, her legs still stained with blood, she winced at the heat of the water, but for me, I want it scalding hot. Today would be the first time I bathed with someone, and I was frightened of what would happen. Remember, no one but Master is allowed access to my pussy, so if I am to cum, it will have to be without vaginal penetration.

With the help of a bubbly sponge, the other female held the soaked cloth over my head, squeezing a rain of scented bubbles over my hair and face. A flutter of my lips to glow away the bubbles caused the first smile of the day. Both of us giggled when a large bubble floated away from my lips. Her hand moved down, my breasts the next stop. She scrubbed around the pink areola until they turned a brighter shade. My nipples became hard immediately. “Oh,” whispering, my pussy tingling from the stimulation of my breasts. That was the moment that I closed my eyes and allowed the other female control of my body. I gave her permission to make me cum.

Master’s pet was diligent in her mission. She pushed the sponge down but only lightly touched my swollen pussy. I needed to cum so bad. “Sit on the edge of the tub, hold the sides, and don’t touch me. You don’t have Master’s permission to touch any part of my body. Understand?” she asked.

I nodded, doing as told. I placed my back to the wall. My ass rested on the cold tile. I didn’t even care that I was chilled from the cold linoleum. She put her lips to mine, kissing my pussy with the softest pucker I ever felt. Right away, I moaned loud, almost moving my hand to the back of her head the way Master does mine. Of course, I caught myself, not wanting her to stop. Long licks up and down my cunt lips, her tongue played a game of hide and seek with my swollen clit. She tickled the bundle of swollen nerves, circling to taste the sweetness that escaped. Her teeth are raking against my flesh. I couldn’t help the cries that fell from my lips. I can’t touch, but I can express my enjoyment through verbal approval.

I didn’t move from the spot, but my hips slightly bucked against her mouth as she devoured the sweet juices that poured from my pussy. “Twenty seconds left, you better cum,” she growled. The was all it took to send me over the edge and into a fury of emotions. Cumming was always good, but this time, it was almost to the point of blacking out. My pulse racing, breathing rapid, no sooner had I came then she pulled me back into the water, washing what was left.

“Dry off and meet me in the bedroom. I need to put the chastity back on so I can go get my treat from Master,” she laughed, walking out with a cocky stride. I don’t hate her, but I won’t miss her if she falls down the stairs one day.

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