Kitten Training ~ Bad Kitty

The night was horrid. All night locked away like a prisoner in my own body. Master took the ability to touch my own body, and though I understand, it’s intensified my needs for satisfaction. I feel like I am a child with a plate of candy in front of her and then told not to consume one. I found my hands touching without his consent, but of course, I felt nothing but frustration. When Master views the video, I am sure he will get great amusement from my frustrated actions. His sadistic nature sometimes does not benefit me in ways that I want.

“Kitten, come to my room. You have something to explain,” he said. Over the loudspeaker in my bedroom, the voice of an angel took me by surprise. Master wanted my attention, and though he didn’t give me a time, I knew it was immediately. My heart pounded in my chest as I quickly ran to wash my hands. What if, by chance, the scent of my pussy somehow crept under my nails? I would lose my mind if he found my disobedience less than pleasing. There is no doubt that the only thing that brought me from my bed to his was pure adrenaline. Each step of my feet felt as though my feet had cement socks around them.

“I hear you. You have three seconds to come in here, or the punishment will be ten times worse,” he said. His voice gruff, the was something else that pulled me forward. The sounds of a female in mid climax shook me to the core. Someone else was in the room with Master, and for the first time, I felt pangs of jealousy filling my body with almost anger. Of course, I am not allowed to express my feelings, but I loved him. Didn’t he realize that I was hopelessly in love with him? That is something that should never happen between a Dominant and submissive, but there was no way I could help drowning in a sorrowful passion.

I stood in the doorway, watching as Master allowed his newest toy to fuck him with a demanding thrust into her core. My head dropped, but not before I noticed the stain on the mattress. It was a large blood spot and a blow to my heart that he took this girl, yet he refused me daily. I am loyal, caring, and never say anything that would prove he did not fully own me. My feet shuffled back and forth as he continued. I refused to watch it. I couldn’t stand seeing this woman cumming all over his cock, nor did I desire to see his face as he climaxed inside of her pussy. The moment he released, she fell to the side, her legs spread and cum seeping from her bloody slit. His cock still erect, but now, the head painted with the last of her innocence.

“Come here, Kitten. My new pet needs cleaning, and since you decided to try and masturbate through your chastity, you will clean her,” he said.

I wanted to shake my head and run but dropped to my knees as I approached his bed. A snap of his fingers and I crawled up, my face burying between her legs. I parted her lips with the tip on my tongue in a fevered pitch as I dug deep for what was mine. His cum is mine, not hers. Doesn’t she realize that she stole from me. I swirled from side to side, gulping not only his cum, but her virginity.

“Push down, pet. Give Kitten all her breakfast,” he said. Before I could react, the other female pushed down, globs of unfound treasures filling my mouth. Master’s hand rested on the back of my head, lovingly petting me as I devoured the mess he left behind. Clean, I retracted my tongue, cleaning her inner thighs until she was spotless. Just the way Master demands.

“Now come to me, pet. Clean my cock up before you go back to your room for the day,” he growled.

The next few moments were the greatest of my life. The other girl dismissed. I dipped between his legs, my tongue cleaning his thighs. That woman stained him with her sins. I knew that when done, all remnants of her gone and in my stomach. I might not always obey, but I will always take the punishment and thank Master when completed.

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