Scribbles of passion

Eyes closed, she sunk in the old claw tub—a relic from the past brought back to life. An odd addition to such a classy hotel, but that bath was why she chose that room. The softness of a piano played through the room’s sound system, pungent aroma, and roses filled the water with a relaxing journey into Eden’s garden. Soft footfalls from the other room, his presence is taking up space in the small room. From behind, a soft silk scarf tied around her eyes, she would never see him, but he was damn sure going to make sure she felt him.

Her soft breaths were forcing her tongue to moisten a parched mouth, his effect on her one of need. It felt as though he was one inside of her soul, the other half she had sought in a lifetime of despair. He spoke not a word, but his actions fed her soul with everything she could ever need. The water scalding her body sent a shiver up her spine, cradling her body in a blanket of emotions. His hands are sneaking over her shoulders, not stopping until they released every strand of her luxurious strands that she piled on top of her head. He placed one kiss on the back of her head. A cascade of water rushed over her head, the warmth of the water shocking her senses. Giggles replaced the sounds of music. He would not stop until every strand saturated.

Moaning soft, an intense aroma with flowers dribbled over her scalp. Slowly, the fingers on an artist scathed her scalp, washing the tangled mess of silk that threaded through the tips of his fingers. She sat silent, her eyes still shielded. She didn’t need a face to know the passion within the other soul. As a self-written ballet played along her skull, he made love to her hair with a passion she never knew. Her pants coming fast, he subdued her with another baptism of water over the top of her body. The water filling with bubbles, he would not stop until her dark locks were as pure as the love he held inside for her.

He lifted her slight frame from the water, her body wrapped in the finest cloth. His intentions not to soil her with his filth but to claim her for his own.

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