Twelve days of smutmass – 4

No Santa visit this year? Oh, that won’t do. I know every naughty girl needs her time on the old fat man’s lap? Can you imagine a year without a Santa Claus? There is no way I am going without the slide down the sticky candy cane this year. My mouth is watering just thinking about how good that first slurp of Christmas tastes.

After a long search, I found the only Mall Santa available. Of course, the lines were long this year, but that’s why if you want a big treat, you wait until it’s closing time. That’s what I did, and I’ve never been so deep in the holiday spirit as I am this year. Ho Ho Ho, you bet your sweet ass I am.

I dressed for success this year. I wore a sleek and festive red dress, sheer stocking with a seam up the back, and a pair of bow strapped heels. The best part of the entire outfit was an expensive red bow wrapped around my slender neck. I believe a gift should always be aesthetically pleasing, and if Santa was unwrapping me, I knew he would never forget this gift. How could anyone turn down something as delectable as a beautiful woman who wants nothing more than to dirty her stockings with memories of you?

A swirl of a tongue, a wink of an eye, and the deed sealed. Jolly Saint Nick would get what he wanted from a naughty little slut. His eyes the color of the bluest sea, this year’s man in the red suit didn’t over-indulge in Christmas treats. His body tight, lean, and ready to blow, when the shopping center closed, I opened wide just like a bad little girl does. Naughty or nice, I’ll never tell, but a slight hint would be the perfect handprints that now stain my flawless ivory skin—happy Holidays from Santa’s newest elf.

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