Hidden Treasures – 100 words

He placed her under the glass for all to see. His perfect pet caged within her own mind. She danced the days away, her heart losing one beat each time the new crowd grew tired of the show. Like the rose, the petals fell until the only one left withered and died. To cage, something beautiful is to clip the wings of an eagle. Without flight, all they are is prey to the vultures of the world. Only the selfish will place the greatest treasures under lock and key and shun the spread of their magnificent wings.

A.J. Luna

Stones to cast ~ 100 words

She watched through rose-colored glasses at the destruction he caused with words alone. He sat behind the computer screen and threw insults, slurs, and hate to all that didn’t understand his pain. He was the bully whose only ammunition was the scathing fury of words he built in his own mind. Screams of pain from the victims along the way each carried a new mark of self-destruction. If sticks and stones can break your bones, how come words can’t hurt you? Alone in her head, she finally watched as the last blow destroyed the imaginary world where she found her peace.

A.J. Luna

Silk Destruction

As cold as ice, the blade drew circles in her flesh. Never penetrating the flawless canvas below, the artist kept his design in his own mind. Gently her stomach sucked in, the sharp silver caressing the layers of her skin. His head spun with thoughts of sickening beauty. Not every portrait is worthy of hanging on the wall of the Louvre. Some are kept in the depths of a lover’s mind. She placed her hand above his, guiding the destruction into the silk of her being.

A.J. Luna


Her nails red stretched to what felt like talons. She scathed the tips of her fingers over his scalp as she pushed his face into her soft lips. Growling in almost an animalistic tone, she bucked her hips up, soaking him in a flood of lust. Her walls convulsing, she lost control as she pierced the base of his neck, flooding his back with a river of crimson passion. In a fevered pitch of wild ramblings of lust, she screamed her love for him as he fell intoxicated from the overindulgence of her hypnotic honey. After all, every woman is a succubus to a helpless man.

A.J. Luna

Kitten Training ~ Bath time

In the privacy of my room, I watched the mirror for any signs of life. My mouth’s still stained with residue from earlier in the day. I could still taste that girl on my lips. Sweet with a hint of copper, she had a delicious flavor. I never noticed the creak of the door but did feel the presence of another in the room. It was the shared air that got my attention right away. I knew it was not Master who had joined me. His scent was one that intoxicated me the moment I was in his presence. My visitor was female and smelled of fuck.

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Kitten Training ~ Bad Kitty

The night was horrid. All night locked away like a prisoner in my own body. Master took the ability to touch my own body, and though I understand, it’s intensified my needs for satisfaction. I feel like I am a child with a plate of candy in front of her and then told not to consume one. I found my hands touching without his consent, but of course, I felt nothing but frustration. When Master views the video, I am sure he will get great amusement from my frustrated actions. His sadistic nature sometimes does not benefit me in ways that I want.

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