Today is a very scary time for America. If you are registered, please vote. Do not take today as though your vote does not matter. Some countries do not have the options we do. Get up, get out, and make some changes. I don’t care which way you go, and I won’t say how I did, but do not lose your rights.

Monday seduction

It all starts with seduction. Hot and wet, the warmth blankets the soul each time you indulge in another hit of your addiction. Lean back, close your eyes and allow the body to cascade into a pool of warm lust. Open that mouth, I dare you, wider, open, that’s a good girl. Allow the sensation of heat rush through your veins. That shiver up your spine is the first indication that you’ve fed the beast inside.

A.J. Luna

And that’s how I got kicked out of Starbucks!