Kitten training – Do not swallow

Slowly and methodically, I crawled across the floor. My ass high in the air as an enticement to the female. She had just come, but I know that her pussy tingled from phantom strokes of my tongue against her swollen lips.

Dribbles of her nectar dripping down my chin, I watched with cat-like prose at her husband stroking. His cock engorged, though he had earlier in the night released himself in my ass. I knew the moment he did, that would never be enough for him. It was the way his body grew reluctant at the end that made me realized that all of me was addicting to this couple.

I stopped in front of the male, resting on bended knees as my tongue slipped from my mouth to await his instructions. I would never assume he sought what his wife wanted to watch. In my world, the man is always the one to give the final word. He stroked, slapping the tip of his cock on the center of my tongue, a little splash of fluid hitting my cheeks when he did. It was a combination of my saliva and his wife’s cum. I will never admit that I was drunk from her juices, but then again, it would take a fool not to notice. It was as though he was trying to rid my mouth of the remnants of lust to leave behind his own. I am greedy enough to want both, but I won’t share that with him. A tantalizing abuse to my mouth was all I sought. I wondered, though, was Master watching me? Did he sit in his room in front of the screen to make sure I did as he expected? I hope that he did.

“Open your mouth as wide as you can. Do not wrap your lips around my cock. You are to keep that wide open at all time,” he said.

I gave a quizzical look but did as told. My mouth opened as wide as possible. He pushed the head of his cock over my tongue, not touching the sides of my oral cavity. He was using me as a fuck sleeve, and I allowed it. It’s what an obedient kitten does.

He grabbed my hair, thrusting deeper, the head of his cock pushed into my open throat with demanding force. That was the moment I knew he wanted to destroy my mouth. Grunts and growls as his cock took more of the space in my mouth. My jaws ached from keeping them open the entire time. Tears were running down my face the moment he reached the pinnacle of the explosion.

“Don’t you swallow,” his wife said from across the room.

I knew better, but when he finally came, my cheeks puffed with globs of cum. I struggled to hold the semen in my mouth, gagging at the amount. Ropes and ropes of salty jizz blasted into my straining jaws, his eyes dancing with amusement as he watched.

Pulling back from my mouth, his wife’s lips to the place of his cock, her tongue diving in and out of my mouth, licking and taking all of his offerings. I didn’t swallow, but my stomach growled for sedation. They returned me to my Master, but my night was far from over. Master had plans for me.

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