Father Christmas

I had turned 18 and had my first job. Well, it wasn’t a paying job, but I was an intern in a doctor’s office. Since my original goal in life had been to be a Physician, it was only fitting. Old Doc Johnson had been the one to deliver half the people in town, and he was a notorious womanizer. He even delivered me.

The office party took place at a local party event place, but this should have happened in a smut den, to be honest. Ordinary people who work 9-5 in suits and ties lost their minds that night. As an 18-year-old girl who had spent most of her time studying for college exams, I couldn’t believe my eyes. These people go crazy when you add alcohol.

My cup filled with a little holiday cheer snuck in, of course. One of the older nurses loves me, and she takes care of her little one. That’s what she called me—little one.

I wore a simple black skirt, a festive red sweater, and some black heels. I was still young and a little naive at this point, well, not after this party.

“Vanessa, honey, come and meet the Mayor. He saw you from across the room and wanted to say hello to you.”

I shook his hand and realized at that moment. I had made a new friend. One who could do things for me that were beyond imaginable for a kid like me. This is the night I realized how crooked a city official was. I realized that they were the most perverted Men on the planet too.

Filling my glass over and over again, I was a little dizzy, but I know that I saw the Doctor dressed like Santa. He had my favorite nurse bent over a table, and that was a detailed internal exam. His cock was the instrument of choice. 

He fucked her till his candy cane shot cream, and she screamed, “HOHOHO.”

The Mayor was different, though. He asked me to go back to his room. He wanted to show me how to get my college paid for. Imagine coming from a middle-income family. They are struggling with your med school tuition, and a man offers you a lot of money. You do what you have to do to help your family out. I did things that disgusted me, but in the end, I got what I needed.

The room decorated in Christmas decor. Santa had me change the moment I walked in. I guess I was the one that fit the costume. An elf named Vanessa came out of that bedroom and stood before a grown man dressed as Father Christmas. Not Santa, but the old German version of St, Nick.

In his hand was a stick. That old walking stick that the mean Santa uses to punish the bad kids.

“Come here, little Vanessa. Have you been a good girl this year?”

Of course, I said no. I didn’t know what to say, to be honest. Santa had me lay across his lap, and my pants were pulled to where my cheeks had been exposed. Though he carried a stick, he used the hand on my cheeks.




He swatted my ass till it was bright red. Rubbing over the flesh, I could feel from his hands, he never worked a day of hard labor in his life. They were silky smooth—sort of a turn off for me to know that he was a paper pusher.

“Have you learned a lesson, my Dear?”

Shaking my head to the right, then the left, I knew it was better to say no. He didn’t want to know that three swats on my bare ass had cured me. What fun was that? He sent me back to the party with his number and a few hundred dollars in my hand. The next day and we would arrange for me to work in his office. Guess that was the day I realized that being a Doctor wasn’t what I wanted. I could make so much more money being a little toy for a filthy old Man! 

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