Making you wait

Written for Smut Week #75

“It’s been three months, please,” Daniel begged.

Overwhelming laughter fell from my lips, not from his words, but that look on his face. Was he actually going to cry about not cumming for three months? I’ve never in my life heard anything so pathetic. Was he that weak that he couldn’t stand a little pain in his balls? Of course, he was. He was a man, so yes, he was not as strong as a female in the physical sense.

“Are you for real right now? It’s been three months. Can you imagine what a Priest must feel like, Daniel? They give up cumming the moment they join the church,” I laughed but knew that was not true. Daniel and I started dating a couple of months ago, and for me, it was for profit, never love. Of course, I never told him that he would increase my bank account before putting him back into society like a broken man. The first week I allowed him to cum. The groundwork set the foundation for this broken man. I failed to give him the heads up about who and what I am.

“Destiny, please let me cum. Goddammit, jerk me off or something,” he cried. “This isn’t fair. You told me when we met that I would be fucked like never before. Why do I feel like you lied to me?” he said.

My head fell back, laughing with such a force that the windows rattled. No, I am not mean. I’m sadistic, get it right. Strolling over to the bed, poor little Daniel sat on the edge of the kingsized mattress nude, well, almost naked. The chastity cage that held his cock was his only covering. The key to that device hanging around my neck by a fragile gold chain. I want him to be able to see that little entrapment device each time he stares into my beautiful blue hues—the irises dancing with amusement to his pain.

Yanking, his hand tugged that secure device, pulling with such a force that it required a quick slap from the tips of my fingers. I do not want to hurt him, but he will learn that a woman is not for his pleasure, but a man is for hers.

“Do not touch without my approval. We’ve spoken of this, right?” I asked, my nail digging into his right nipple, yanking the tiny bud. Twisting as he squirmed, I pulled out, letting the nipple snap back the moment of release.

“Yes,” he said, his voice that of a broken man.

“Would you like to cum today?” I asked, knowing making him wait amusing, but he was to the point of profit for me.

Daniel flashed with a hint of excitement, his eyes brought to mine. He shook his head like one of those bobblehead dolls that sit in the back of a car window.

“Please let me cum. I am so tired of this shit that I will do anything you want,” Daniel growled.

“Making you wait is fun, but I need a new pair of shoes. Here is how this will play out. I will charge you per stroke,” I smirked but knew by the horror on Daniel’s face that he wanted this to last as long as possible.

Removing the key from my neck, I opened the cage, placing it on the bed next to Daniel. The first stroke of his dick came from me, and that one was free. A wrap of my slender digits around the shaft of his 8-inch cock, I slowly pulled up, massaging the thick vein filled muscle with the tips of my fingers. Shaking my hand the moment I released his cock.

On the one hand, I held the cash in his wallet, and in the other, his bank card. It would all depend on how desperate he was as to how broke he would be by the time I finished.

“Stroke. I want to make sure you get your money’s worth, so I ordered some porn for you,” I said.

As the TV screen flickered on, the porn on the television sent waves of audio delight. Well, for me, it did. Whimpers of my night before played out in front of Daniel. He was forced to jack off to me getting fucked. Not by any man, though, by his brother. Honestly, I didn’t find him attractive, but knowing this would be playing today made it easier to fake.

“You fucking whore. You cheated on me. My fucking brother got to fuck you, and I get to beat off to you?” he screamed, his hand pounding his fist.

I counted as he stroked, keeping the best for last. I knew when his face contorted, and he was drooling down his cock that he was close.

“Be a good boy, and I will let you lick his cum out of me for me, making you wait,” I cackled in laughter.

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