Put a little sugar on top

Disclaimer: I am not making fun of an addiction to food. This is the story to awaken others to the pain of others. Read it with an open mind.

“Vanessa, we have a new client for you!”

Handing her over the checklist, the young girl scanned down the list. Stopping for a moment and glancing over at the receptionist. Getting weird requests wasn’t unheard of in this business. What was normal? If they were normal, wouldn’t they be home fucking their wives in the missionary position for 3.5 minutes? Cumming without satisfying her and falling asleep right after? That would be normal by what society labels marital bliss. Thank god for the freaks of the world who choose to expand their horizons.

Fluttering her lips for a second, Vanessa grabbed the check attached to the list and made her way down the long corridor to the outside world. It was a hot day in the city. New York had that summer smell about it. Rotting trash, smog, and the hit of every deli opening at once. Corn beef, pastrami, and bagels hung heavy in the air. Not a big eater, the smell of food was a little repulsive and overwhelming. Keeping a slim figure didn’t allow her the indulgence of eating all those fattening foods, but according to this list she now held in her hand, she would be hitting every fat-filled and sugar crammed eatery in the city. 

Miss Vanessa,

I am a 24-year-old, obese male who is a feeder. My goal in life is to be stuffed so full that I explode. I know this might offend you, but I find it erotic to have a beautiful young girl slather her body in food and allow me to devour it off of her body. I will not force you to have sex with me, but I do get off from being overfed and called names. I know this might offend you, but this is my fantasy. I have sought help for it. I even lost all the weight once, but I wasn’t happy. I can only be satisfied when someone, such as yourself, makes fun of me. Please help me. I will be waiting.

Your fat freak

Hailing the cab, she read it once more, and then the shopping list. Vanessa was to get pasties, pizza, deli sandwiches, and anything else she could pack into the shopping bag. The only thing that was a do not buy was health food. It seems he meant it when he said he was going to explode. It was repulsive, but who was she to judge. Plus, he was paying for this. She was to wear a small bikini and nothing else. That she already owned, but all this food made her stomach churn just thinking about what he looked like naked. Would he be a fat bastard or Orson Wells? She went with Fat Bastard. That was who she would picture when she bought the food.

Laughing out in the middle of the store, Vanessa covered her mouth to muffle her amusement. She was teasing and hadn’t even seen the man. Hopefully, she could keep it together once she did. That was her hope anyway. It took five stops before she was ready to head to the hotel room. He requested that she meet him at his house, but the company she worked for would not allow her to meet in an unpublic place. They had to be at a place where she could be heard by someone else if she needed help. At times this got to be challenging, but it was for her own good, and his as well. It covered him from anything happening to him as well. 

Knocking softly on the door, Vanessa was a little scared. What if he smothered her with his body, or what if he fell on her? The thing was, he didn’t want sex with her. To eat off her body and to get off from it. It would be her first experience with a feeder.

“Come in!”

The voice from the other side of the door boomed out. He had a deep and demanding voice. Easing the door open, Vanessa clenched the bags in her hand, a little frightened. Catching her breath for a moment, she looked over at the man who sat on the bed. He wasn’t huge, but not thin either. Maybe 75 pounds overweight. It was a relief that she wasn’t repulsed by him, well, not yet at least.

“Hello. I’m Vanessa. I brought all the food you wanted. Did you want me to change and get set up, or did you want to talk first?”

Patting the bed, the Male made it known he wanted to talk to her or sit in silence before the meal. She would allow him whatever he wanted. He was paying for this, after all.

“My Mother, she was a big woman. She was over 500 pounds. She was vibrant, loving, and the center of my universe. As I grew up, she told me to eat. I would feel better. Who doesn’t believe their Mom? So, I ate and ate and ate. By the time I was in 7th grade, I was 250 pounds. I reached 300 by 9th, and 400 when I got my diploma. That was the same year she died of a massive heart attack. They said the extra stress brought it on her heart and that I needed to lose weight, or I would die too. For a year, I did just that. I diet and got down to 200 pounds. I wasn’t happy. I wanted to be fat again because that’s how Mama wanted me. So now, I am up to 300, and you’re going to help me die!”

Her eyes widened, and the tears fell. She was not there to have sympathy for him. She was there to do what he wanted, but how could this woman not have a heart. He wanted to be with his Mother. Who’s to say when we can die and when we can live? It’s a right to life. Her lip quivered as she collected her thoughts, smiling over at the man as she patted his hand.

“I’ll help you do this if you will do one thing for me? Please. I want you to see yourself as others do. You’re not ugly. Not unattractive, and your Mother wouldn’t want you to die, but if you still want to do it, I will be there to help you!”

Reaching down for his hand, inviting him to join her over at the mirror, Vanessa slowly helped the man remove his shirt, her hands tracing over the roundness of his belly, patting it a few times. He resembled Santa, without the age on him. Next, his pants came down. She could tell he was scared. The fear was in his eyes the moment she released the buckle and tugged them slowly over his hips. He was average. Maybe 5 inches at the most, but she found most men were around 4-5 inches fully erect in her business. It was average. 

“Look in the mirror. You’re not unattractive. You can still find love, you know. There are a lot of women who prefer bigger Men. I think you’re attractive.”

Her hands wrapped around him, resting on his back, she was showing him compassion and showing him that a hug could mean the world to someone who was dying without it.

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