Are you afraid of the dark?

Rumor has it that lurking in the woods is a community of misfit wonders who have banded together to become a family. Ghouls, witches, and clowns reign, where the city meets the forest. Some say if you go in the woods alone at night, the family of freaks will never allow you to leave. Do you believe in the creatures that dance in the moonlight, crying for the loss of those they love?

Sedated by the sun, the underground world of freaks and geeks wait for the time that the moon hides their pain. Tortured souls are wandering through the underbelly of the woods. Each one hushed until the sun kisses the moon goodnight. Weeping as they walk, arms stretched open in pain, every one of us has a little freak inside, waiting for the darkness to relieve our pain.

Are you afraid of the dark? Or do you embrace the rising of the moon as the day walkers embrace the warmth of the sun? There is pain, suffering, and despair in every one of us, but never forget somewhere in the world, a family awaits your long walk in the woods.

A.J. Luna

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