Kitten training – The stolen cream

My head rested on the bed while the couple was gone. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but my own moans woke me. Lost in the best dream, I felt a warm breath on my wet pussy lips. Fearing that I lost some of the cum, I jumped, praying that I had not disobeyed the woman. I was almost afraid to open my eyes, but when my lashes pulled apart to a slit, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

“Sit still, Kitten. No moving, no moaning, stay completely still,” the woman whispered.

Her words paralyzed me. I knew that I didn’t want it to stop, so I tightened every muscle in my body, the second her tongue licked up my over the dripping slit. How could I move and stop that sensation? Since I was already face down, my teeth clenched the bedding below my face, grinding my teeth into the fabric. I wondered if she could taste her husband’s cum as it slowly trickled from my ass. If she could, would she be mad at me for not being able to contain it inside of my asshole? It was damn near impossible not to relax and enjoy the soft touch of another woman as she pushed her tongue against my clit. That small bundle of throbbing nerves felt as though strikes of lightning pulsated against the tiny nub. Twitching, the moment I did, I knew that I fucked up. She did warn me, I believed her, but it was beyond my control.

A firm slap across my ass cheek brought tears to my eyes. It wasn’t that it hurt, but messing up is the worst pain of all when you’re a submissive. All I have ever wanted was to please, and yet with one quick movement, I ruined my perfect record of following directions.

“I seem to remember telling you not to move. Are you disobeying me?” the female asked.

Silence, complete silence, rattled the room. I would not speak even though she asked. To me, we both knew the truth there, so why open my mouth? I didn’t want to take a chance to upset her any more than I already have.

I could almost feel her approval when I kept my mouth silent. Placing a hand on either side of my asscheeks, the woman pushed her face against my pussy lips. Her tongue pushing against my opening, I wanted to beg her to stop, but again, silence. Master told me nothing went inside of his property, but did he mean not even a tongue. The fear inside me fed the devil on my shoulder with ammunition to silence the angel inside of me. My heart stopped as her tongue pushed through the impenetrable seal. I know that the Master knew the moment it happened. Would he be disappointed in me? I have no control over what happens to my body. Or would he be upset with the woman for pushing the boundaries that he set? Either could be explosive.

The woman pulled back. Her slender fingers rubbed up and down my bald wet pussy lips. She allowed her nails to rake the flesh, causing my entire body to cover in a blanket of chills. That was the act no one could stop from happening. Goosebumps are not voluntary. Her hands moved over my body as though she read braille. I felt suddenly content with just a stroke of my bare flesh. As a kitten, the art of petting is one of the most emotional experiences. I almost purred in response but remembered she wanted silence.

As the cum poured out in a warm stream, her delicate fingers rubbed the white cream through my pussy lips. She was marinating me in a dressing of semen. God, why was this the most erotic act I had ever experienced? A man fucks, but a woman, she makes love to the soul. I was slowly learning the difference between the sexes in a new way.

“You took my husband’s cum. Stole it like a thief,” she growled.

A quick slap to my ass before she buried her face in the soaking wet center, my mouth sucking fiercely. Was she trying to take back all the cum her husband spent inside of me? I wholeheartedly believe she was. Sucks, licks, and even bites to my flesh, she devoured the cream left out for the kitten, her own purrs intoxicating. There would be no orgasm for me that night, but she did allow me a taste of hers the moment she laid in front of me, legs spread, and masturbated herself to release.

“One lick, little kitten. Only one. Make it count,” the female said.

I started at the crack of her ass, slowly, methodically, my tongue slid up, making sure to collect every drop of a spent woman. I love the taste of a man’s cum, but this was like pouring a bottle of honey into my open mouth.

“Good kitten. Now crawl over and suck off my husband. Collect it all in your mouth, but do not swallow. You are not worthy of his cum. Not yet at least,” she laughed.

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