Book Reviewers Needed

I am looking for people with amazon unlimited to review my newly released book. I will of course return the favor.

Genre: Romance, Crime, Erotica, Violence

Page count: 333

Overview: Even in the best of families, the secrets run deep. Screams in the night led to the disappearance of Mary Kelly and the birth of Gypsy. Sixteen and alone on the mean streets of Los Angeles, this little debutant found out the not every boogeyman hide’s in the closet. Some enter through your bedroom door.

From Prom Queen to Escort, Gypsy Kelly had a little black book that could take down half of the country. But after the kidnapping of her infant daughter, she was only interested in taking down two of these men. They were about to learn what happens when a scared girl becomes a determined mother.

Links: Paperback ebook

10 thoughts on “Book Reviewers Needed

  1. It’s my dream to actually publish something on Amazon. I’m too much of a chicken and I always lose interest in writing a novel. I tend to kill all my characters off and then awkwardly end with “Whelp…that’s all folks!”

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