I’m in love with a stripper

“I can’t get better if I have never failed.”

Again, he wanted to see me. I often wondered why a newlywed would need to see a whore, but I guess that sometimes in love, you don’t always get it all. His wife was a beautiful model who could have any man, but she chose him. If I was to say why, I would say his bank account. He was a very wealthy CEO of a major company, and his kinks were not for the vanilla type woman.

Reaching the second shelf of my closet, I pulled out a pair of black strappy heels, not my favorite, but they were ones he bought me. He seemed to love them intensely. Before I put them on, I would need to clean the cum stains from the soles, or should I? I opted to leave them there. I like knowing that I was the one who caused that sudden spillage. Neither of us saw it coming, and when it happened, he punished my ass with 20 swats for causing it. I enjoyed every painful strike on my flesh. I love the memories of our days together before everything changed.

The date’s details arrived via fax, which is one thing the company was very good at providing. They always gave us a complete list of what the client wanted before our arrival. I am forever thankful for that. Sometimes you need to prepare for something beforehand mentally. A few of my clients are very detail orientated.

I was to arrive at the Four Seasons in downtown New York at 8 pm promptly. I don’t know why he always added that. I was never late—just another factor in his need to be in control at all times. I was to wear a simple white dress, stockings in the nude shade range, a pair of Victoria Secret panties, white, and the black shoes he purchased last for me. Nothing was unusual here. I often had gotten a request like this. It was always what he was in the mood for at the time. I liked his choice this time. With the outfit and a simple loose bun, makeup done in a softer than usual tone, and nude polish on my fingers and toes, I was ready.

On my way up, I was when the elevator opened, and he stepped out, smiling the moment he saw me. A kiss to the cheek and few kind words about my appearance, and he led me out the front and into a waiting limo. I had no clue what we were doing, but I hope it was better than the last time. I wouldn’t say I liked the way he treated me on the prior date. No one wants thought of as a pawn, even when they know they are.

Sitting back in the limo, a glass of wine in hand, he began to speak. I rested the glass and listened to his words. Something about his presence tonight was different. Something was off.

“When I met you, I didn’t expect ever to see you again. You were just a whim. Now don’t get all upset. I found so much more in you than my first impression. Each date we had made me fall more for you, but let’s be honest here. You’re a whore. You allow men to fuck you for money. I can’t take you home to meet my family, my daughter, well you’re younger than she is. I married my wife, who is your age, but she has a class that is above you. Sorry, but I’m honest. The one thing she will never be though is you. I can’t have a whore in my home. What if I was having a party and half of my friends have slept with my wife? It would make me less than a man. As much as I care for you, Vanessa, you will always be the other woman.”

It was a shocking statement by this Man but well deserved. I think this was the day I stopped loving him. He was now just a fuck like everyone else. Just the john with more money than sense.

“So, where are we going tonight? I thought we would stay in?”

Laughter came from him. I guess he expected me to cry over him. Not me. I wasn’t wasting a tear on him. He was a five grand a night fuck. Nothing more, nothing less. Just as he was to speak, the limo stopped, the driver exited, and he escorted us into a strip club. Was he taking me to see strippers? Never a dull moment, but this was crazy.

“Tonight I want to watch you with another woman. I want to see a woman pleasure you!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and be a little out of sorts at the same time. He was neglecting me sexually more and more, and I know that was due to him being married now, but why spend time with me? It seemed odd to pay the amount of money he did and let me have sex with someone else. This is where I learned about his other side. He was a voyeur. It all started back in his childhood. I would find that all out by the close of the night. I would find out how he loved watching women he loved with others.

Taking a seat in the front, he ordered a champagne bottle for us, which wasn’t unusual. When you have money, you buy the best. The bubbles tickled my nose as I drank, making me almost feel a little childlike. I couldn’t help but giggle, well, till the lights dimmed, and the girl took the stage. Anticipating what it was to be a stripper, I watched as this scorching blonde walked out wearing nothing but a trench coat. So cliché. I was on the edge of my seat when You could leave your hat on, played. Not only is that the best stripper song, but it’s one of my favorites.

Her body worked the stage and the audience like the professional she was. When the coat dropped, she was in nothing but a thong, stockings, and some platform heels. She worked that body up and down the stage before wrapping around the pole. Gliding her body up the pole, her legs wrapped around the slender bar, bringing me closer to the edge of my seat. I was intrigued. Each movement of her thin frame made me twitch. I am not attracted to females, but this girl would be the exception. She would be the one whom I would love to have devour me.

“Vanessa, she is coming back to the hotel with us!”

He whispered that I would be with this woman tonight. He arranged it. Though I love it when he fucks me, I wanted to be with her tonight. I was honestly looking forward to sharing myself sexually with the Goddess before me.

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