Coffee break

As I sit her today feeling overwhelmingly sad about the world around us, life, and loss, this song comes to mind. The one line that catches my breath in the back of my throat is “A heart that’s been broken is a heart that’s been loved.” I often wonder why me, why does my heart hurt when I think of loss, it’s because I was loved. My heart was loved so deeply that the loss still aches all these years later.

So many are told, “get over it.” Do we ever just forget what it felt like to be wrapped in a warm embrace, tear wiped from our face, or even a soft voice telling you that they love you? I sure hope we never don’t.

By the way, tried a new coffee creamer today. Dunkin donuts vanilla extra creamy. Pretty damn good. I would recommend trying it.

To all those who lost someone they love today, never forgetting is okay.

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