Why do we fear the word cunt?

Is anyone ever prepared for the first time someone calls them a filthy name?  




Oh, that last one will get you in trouble if you use it on the wrong woman. Before you hate something, shouldn’t you know what it is? 

Oxford Dictionary refers to the word cunt as “a woman’s genitals” You love the word pussy, but you can’t fathom the thought of someone calling it a cunt. Does that make any sense at all? Let’s test that out of a moment with two of the same scenarios. 

Scene: Laying in bed with your lover, his hands lovingly embracing you. Fingers are tracing over the soft folds of your womanhood. His voice hoarse, filled with lust. 

  1. Baby, I love the sweet scent of your wet pussy. 
  2. Sweetheart, I’ve never seen a vaginal as lovely as yours.
  3. I want to fuck that cunt until you beg me to stop!

Can you honestly tell me which one you want to hear in the heat of the moment? Are you the sweet and straightforward housewife who finds sex to be a marital duty to your husband? Or, are you the wanton little cunt who sent the kids off to school so she would call her husband home for a day of fucking? 

Remember the first time someone ever called you a name that you found offensive, and your mother said, “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you?” Was there comfort in knowing that no one could hurt you because of something they said in the heat of the moment? Argument, passion, or general conversation, we use words to convey our feelings to one another.

Let’s pull back the layers of a word and find out what’s inside that dreaded word that women fear so much.


  1. On the surface, you find a derogatory word used for a promiscuous woman. She might be a whore, a slut, but call her a cunt, and she is suddenly the kind of woman that you keep your husband, children, and family away from knowing.
  2. The middle of the word digs a little deeper into the foundation of the way the word’s used. Was the phrase cunt used in anger, sexual situations, or maybe someone said it for shock value. Every case will give it a new meaning. 
  3. The bottom layer of the word is the one you, yourself, place on it. A lot of this comes from our upbringing, homelife, and religious beliefs.

A word is just a word until you give it meaning. If we continue to cry about what someone called us, we forget the beauty within. I am a firm believer that a woman owns a vagina, a pussy, and yes, she owns a cunt. So next time someone calls you by that dreaded word, smile. There is no greater honor than to be referred to as one of the most beautiful parts of a female body. 

Live well, and remember always to use your words wisely.

A.J. Luna

Merriam-Webster states it is a “usually disparaging and obscene” term for a woman,[1] and that it is an “offensive way to refer to a woman” in the United States

James Joyce was one of the first of the major 20th-century novelists to put the word “cunt” into print. In the context of one of the central characters in Ulysses (1922), Leopold Bloom, Joyce refers to the Dead Sea and to

… the oldest people. Wandered far away over all the earth, captivity to captivity, multiplying, dying, being born everywhere. It lay there now. Now it could bear no more. Dead: an old woman’s: the grey sunken cunt of the world.[63]

Credit to James Joyce

8 thoughts on “Why do we fear the word cunt?

  1. It’s interesting the way different words with the same meaning have a different effect, but they do. I have seen people when they are really angry select the word they know will incite more than other words with the same meaning. I don’t know why some words have more impact than others, they just do, and they are often used deliberately to communicate the degree of rage.

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    1. People forget that it is only a word until you give it meaning. I’ve never understood the hate of this word. My mother was one who thought this word was the most vile thing a woman could be called. We never seen eye to eye on that. I can find beauty is everything.


      1. I remember Simon only ever used it when he was extremely angry. I am careful in the way I use words. I can be mad, but rather than using traditional curse words, I make my insults kind of humorous. Did you see what I called the guy in my 50 shades post? I used an expression I heard Ben’s mum use once – “bunt for a brain”. A bunt is a cake she makes. It made me laugh that when she was furious that was what she came out with. I’ve started using it too.

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