Drunk on lust

This blog was written for #FantasySmutFriday week 74. I put a spell on you!

I never thought I would do something like this, but I’m desperate. Since grade school, I’ve had a crush on one man, and though he loves me, it’s only as a friend. My feelings are anything but platonic. If he knew I had my first solo sexual experience thinking of him, would he desire me, or hate me?

Walking through the streets of New Orleans with my best friend, Hayden, this was supposed to be a quick getaway for us. Both of us love to explore cemeteries, and well, the Big Easy has some of the best. My little secret was one that I needed to do on my own. A specialty shop in town claims to have the right potion to put a spell on the one you love and make him return the feelings. The moment I read that in an advertisement, I knew I had to try it. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, I’m desperate. Hayden told me he likes some girl we work with, and the pang of jealousy is intense.

“Hayden, how about you head back to the room while I grab up something for my mom? I know you hate shopping, and I promised her a gift.” I said, by lashes batting at him.

Hayden looked disgusted at my attempt to flirt. That poor boy was clueless about the things I would do to get him.

“Yeah, but stop doing that shit with your eyes. You look like you’re having a stroke,” Hayden said as he walked back to the hotel room.

As I slipped into a little shop, the most famous one in New Orleans, my skin prickled with fear and intrigue. The smell of the place an aphrodisiac. I couldn’t help but touch everything. Bright packages with mysterious ingredients, I am sure they were there for the tourists to find. Oddly enough, I felt more at home inside of that shop than I did in my own skin. Maybe there is a little bit of magic in the air tonight, or I’m just as crazy as everyone else and bought into the lure of the unknown.

“Can I help you?” said the saleswoman.

Looking over, I admired her immediately. She dressed in all black, her long raven hair cascading in curls to frame what had to be the most beautiful face that I have ever seen. She was stunning.

“Oh Uhm, I was looking for something, well, I don’t know to be honest. I want someone to want me, and I read that you have things like that?” I whispered, almost ashamed.

The woman reached out, took my hand, and led me to the corner of the shop. On the table in front of me, she had one of those bowls with the grinder inside. Dumping a little of this, and a lot of that, she smiled and hummed the entire time. I was scared to say a word and break her concentration, but something inside me wanted to know what each ingredient was. As she crushed the contents, I knew some things are better unsaid. The potion being one of them.

“This is very powerful. Only a pinch is needed, and you can place it in food or drink. Please be warned, if you use this, I am not responsible for the outcome,” said the saleswoman as she handed it to me. “No charge, use this with a good heart, and you shall see positive results.

Hours later, with a beer in Hayden’s hand and a glass of wine in mine, I watched as he drank the amber fluid, almost too fast. I wondered if he could taste it?

“You look nice tonight?” Hayden said,

Looking around, I pointed to myself, shocked, but the smile gave away my happiness. Was it working? Or was this just fate? “Thank you. Are you ill?” laughing nervously. My confidence around other men is excellent. Why not Hayden?

As Hayden leaned in, his lips resting on the shell of my ear, he whispered what I had waited a lifetime to hear. “I want to taste you, all of you,” he said. His breath on my lobe sent shivers up and down my spine. Never in my entire life as anyone made me almost cum by words alone.

I took no chances after he confessed that sin. Sitting our drinks on the table, I pulled him closer to the bed, laying back to allow him what he wanted. I spread my legs, and my skirt inched up slightly to allow him the view of his New Orleans dinner.

No sooner had I closed my eyes did I feel his mouth brushing up my thighs in feather touches. God damn, I knew this was a dream. Don’t be a fucking dream; it was all I could pray. His lips to mine, I squealed the moment he kissed me in the most intimate way possible. Hayden wrapped his arms around my thighs, pulling me forward to allow his mouth to devour the honey that seeped from between my sealed lips. Growling against my pussy, he pulled up with a devilish smirk, giving me a hint of things to come.

“Did you think you needed to put a spell on me? I’ve wanted you since the day we met,” Hayden laughed.

I couldn’t stop from cumming, my pussy covering him with my secret potion made just for him.

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