“Come on, Charlie, stop hiding.”

Behind the closet door, a soft giggle seeps from under the ill-fitting door. No light, just the sound of a child’s laugh in almost a creepy sadist fashion. I’ve always known Charlie. He was my childhood friend, a confidant to a lonely child, and the only one who made the bad things go away. Being the typical latch key kid, Charlie was the only friend I had.

“Show yourself now. Dammit, Charlie, this isn’t funny anymore. You took my keys, and I can’t go out. I have a date,” I said. No longer a child, the need for the invisible friend lessened, but Charlie was still there waiting when I came home every night, though, in all honesty, I’ve never seen anything but a shadow. I think of him as a Peter Pan type being, but I know there is something evil inside him. Sometimes scratches appear after I’ve been out for the night, or articles of clothing disappearing. Usually, the only clothes missing are panties. It’s creepy to think that this little friend from childhood might be jealous of the woman I’ve grown to be.

“Fine, Charlie, I will just call and uber and get strangled by the driver,” I called out, knowing this usually worked. In an angered thrust, the key flew from beneath the door, hitting me in the ankle. “Fuck, that hurt. Stop being so jealous,” I said. Snatching up the keys, I grabbed my coat, looking back over my shoulder one more time. “I love you, Charlie,” I added before walking out, jiggling the lock to make sure it locked. I’m not sure if I am keeping someone out or keeping someone inside.

I know better than to bring anyone home with me, but the temptation was strong, and the club was too crowded. Usually, when I want sex, the guy takes me back to his place, but not tonight. His roommate was home and complained when he brought girls back. Something about him thinking they all would rob them and sneak out in the night. Irrational, but I understood. The thoughts of Charlie pushed to the back of my mind. It was time to let childhood friends go and become an adult. Plus, this is my home, and Charlie is a guest. Well, that’s my thoughts, but I am sure he thinks differently.

“Come on in, and don’t mind the mess. I was in a rush after work to go out and,” I said, but his lips muffled mine. Pressed against the closed door, all thoughts of reason fled from my head, and the need for a man’s touch filled the void. As I pulled his shirt off, I suddenly remembered, I never found out his name. God, that was a bad habit of mine. Less mess, more sex. It’s not like I was going to date him. All I cared about was what was in his pants and how quickly I could get it inside of my body. When I have too much to drink, I suddenly find myself on the demanding side.

Arms were wrapped around him, my nails sliding down his back in a craving demand for more. My dress pulled up, his hand sought and found their way inside of my panties. His fingers were pushing their way inside my velvet-lined walls. A trickle of juices ran down my left inner thigh. Fuck, there is no way this man isn’t going to slam my cunt with that massive bulge that pressed against my hip. His fingers manipulated my pussy until three slid inside, and his thumb pressed hard against that small bundle of nerves that held all my sins inside. Panting, my hand-knotting in the back of his hair to yank his lips from mine. A needful growl escaped my lips.

“Fuck me. Do it, fuck me,” I begged.

His pants down before I could finish, he lined his cock up with the source of my heat and slammed every inch balls deep inside. A cry out from within, my legs slid up to allow him to control my entire being. Slams of his cock deep inside of my cunt, each time he bottomed out, his balls sent shock waves through the room. It was a clap of approval for a fuck well done.

Beneath the closet door, a scurry back and forth. The agitation was growing as Charlie watched the woman indulge herself in the pleasure of another man. Claws to the floor, the unseen male watched from under the door, his anger was growing more profound. Didn’t she know he loved her? That she was his and only his? She would before the night was over.

Grunts, moans, thrusts, the man’s vein filled cock pounded deep inside of me, both of us exploding in a greedy orgasm. Filling me with cum, he pulled back, smirking for a job well done.

“Fuck, that was good. I need to lay down a minute before I pass out,” I said.

As I stumbled to the bed, the noise from under the closet door caught my attention. A simple finger to my lips in a hushing manner and my bed was the last thing I felt until morning.

“Come on, Charlie, I know you’re mad, but I need my goddamn keys,” I screamed.

I woke up alone, thankfully, the clock on the bedside, screaming that I was running late. Once again, Charlie was pissed. I knew better than to bring home someone, but fuck, this is my house.

Charlie flung the keys from under the door again. The keys slid across the hardwood floor. This time though, a trail of blood followed them on the floor.

Grabbing them from the floor, shaking my head as I washed the residue of blood off, “Dammit Charlie. Not again. You have to stop being so jealous. I’ll be home after work, so please be a good boy.”

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